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Comment: Poor social media integration (Score 4, Interesting) 456 456

Google+ has poor integration with other social mediaapps. Foursquare, Yelp, Twitter, instagram, Pinterest, Flipboard. All these share with each other or at least twitter and facebook. Google+ isn't even an option, and you have to manually copy or create updates on it, which is annoying.

Every time I mention to my social network of 200 that Google+ is dead or dying, I get the same 5 people who say it isn't and also happen to be the only 5 people in my circles who share anything.

Comment: OS/2 Somehow still alive (Score 1) 342 342

Some community banks still run OS/2 to power their Voice Banking systems. The reason being is that the hardware dies before the software does.
The other amazing thing is how OS/2 will run on PC's just made a few years ago. As long as it has a PS/2 port, IDE port, and a PCI slot for your ancient 3com NIC.

Comment: Bank of America (Score 3, Informative) 359 359

Bank of America has 1 year of transactions available online. You can download in various formats.

WEB Connect for Quicken 2007 and above, Statement Download for Money 2007 and above, Managing Your Money - QIF file (2 digit)
, Quicken and Microsoft Money - QIF file (4 digit), Microsoft Excel Format, Printable Text Format.

In addition, some local banks may also offer up to 1 year worth of items online and various download formats. Just call them and ask for a demo or specifically ask about amount of months and what formats are available.

VMS must die!