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Comment: Remote Control of People's Brains (Score 1) 237

by FShima (#39697435) Attached to: Treating Depression With Electrodes Inside the Brain
The electrodes are many times thinner than a human hair, so they can be pushed into your brain right through your skull. Then your neurological processes can be remotely controlled and monitored. See for more information. It's like a real-life version of Avatar.

Comment: Non-consensual mind reading (radio telepathy) (Score 2) 222

by FShima (#39142923) Attached to: Obama's Privacy Bill of Rights: Just a Beginning
This has no protections whatsoever against government agents using synthetic telepathy to read your mind remotely. So this is just more government PR baloney based on making people believe that we're still using obsolete technology, when in fact they've been doing the "alien" abductions and putting the electrodes in people's brains for years now.

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