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Comment: Re:"It's not totally clear why that occurred" (Score 2) 327

by FRiC (#44404589) Attached to: Tim Cook May Not Know Why, But Samsung Is Winning in China

It's easier than you think you put warez on iOS devices. Just go to any shop and pay like 10 bucks, and the shop will login using their App Store account, and you can then download anything you want, and these shops advertise openly that they don't sell warez and everything is "genuine". The shops don't give out their passwords, so you just go back once in a while and let them update the apps, for free.

Comment: Firmware upgrade? (Score 1) 203

by FRiC (#42158611) Attached to: One Cool Day Job: Building Algorithms For Elevators

They need to release some kind of upgrade for existing elevators. At my office building of 35 floors with Otis elevators. When an elevator is already stopped at a certain floor. Instead of opening the door immediately when you press a button, the elevator leaves immediately and you need to wait forever for another elevator to arrive since the other elevators think you've already left. The solution is then to press both up and down buttons, irritating the hell out of every one in the building.

Comment: Thailand (Score 4, Interesting) 369

by FRiC (#40270735) Attached to: An HTTP Status Code For Censorship?

Thailand used to have a huge graphical image on a special server for censored websites. Any access on a censored URL would be forwarrded to that image. Apparently the load was so high the server would constantly crash, and eventually they deleted the image, so you get a 404 error. Now they got smarter and just display a text message telling you the website is censored by the government.

Comment: Nothing about censors (Score 1) 154

by FRiC (#35816066) Attached to: Chinese Censors Crack Down on Time Travel

Since no one ever bothers to read the source, the original statement actually says TV dramas should not have plots that are pure fantasy, such as time traveling drama; made-up mythologies; or encourage superstitions, such as believing in fate or reincarnations. There's nothing in the statement about censorship or banning.

Chinese TV have always been quite dry for me, since a lot of it are historical drama that talk about revolutionary heroes, but my Chinese friends love them, maybe growing up in China helps.

Comment: Re:First Post (Score 1) 154

by FRiC (#35816014) Attached to: Chinese Censors Crack Down on Time Travel

It's your ears, or your pronunciation of C that makes them think you're saying she. Chinese people have no trouble pronouncing "C", since the (Mandarin) Chinese word for "west" is pronounced "C". If you have trouble teaching the C sound, just ask them to say west. On the other hand, there's no Mandarin sound that directly corresponds to "she".

Since I speak both Mandarin and English, and I work with a lot of language learners and speakers, I discovered most Westerners have trouble differentiating Chinese people pronouncing C vs. She, while Chinese people themselves have no trouble. There are other examples of this in other languages too, it's as if the listeners' ears aren't trained to distinguish those sounds. It's just one of those strange things.

Comment: Re:Intuit (Score 1) 272

by FRiC (#35727778) Attached to: Inducement To Piracy, Adobe Style

That's a lot like the Siemens PLC we have. The software on the PLC, the firmware on the PLC, and the PC software must all match. And different versions of PC software can't be installed simultaneously on the same computer. So we have a whole series of computers with different versions installed to support the different PLC's.

And they charge crazy prices on "PLC memory downloading unit" to my company until I realized they're just regular CF cards.

Comment: I'm fast (Score 1) 186

by FRiC (#32801192) Attached to: Reading E-Books Takes Longer Than Reading Paper Books

I don't know about others, but reading e-books on LCD screens is much faster for me since there's no pause in having to flip the page, just touch/press and go. I'm much slower when reading on the Kindle since the page refresh takes so long and I literally have to wait for the next page to come up. I really like the Kindle's e-paper display but the page refresh, the color inversion, and waiting drove me nuts.

I don't quite understand why the Kindle needs to invert to black and back when flipping pages but the web page can scroll and update without inverting. It would have been really nice if there was an option to flip pages without the color inversion.

Anyway, my favorite reading device right now is the iPod touch since it's easy to hold in one hand and "flip" with my thumb. I can read really fast and I've already read hundreds of books with it. It's not so good for technical reference though, probably an iPad...

Comment: Other industrial devices (Score 1) 460

by FRiC (#31302652) Attached to: Will the Serial Console Ever Die?

Serial may be dead on the PC. But besides routers and switches, there are thousands of other industrial devices that still use the serial port. At my work place, we have weigh scale indicators that use the serial port, and we even have motor controllers that still use ISA bus cards. We looked into replacing those motor controllers, and the replacements use the *parallel port*, another dead port.

I have a ThinkPad with the Ultrabay serial/parallel port adapter. No one's gonna care to pry it from my hands, but I'm keeping it anyway.

Comment: It's not that old... (Score 3, Interesting) 533

by FRiC (#28649825) Attached to: Getting a Classic PC Working After 25 Years?

At work we have PC's much older than that, running manufacturing equipment. If any of them break down, I have a whole room full of old PC's that I could simply search for parts. Eventually we'll run out of parts (the equipment need ISA bus to operate), but at this rate, we're good for another 25 years or so.

Comment: Maybe there's less spam nowadays (Score 1) 176

by FRiC (#28588993) Attached to: A Look At Google's Email Spam Prevention

I used to have 20,000+ in my spam folder every day for years. Recently it dropped to the low 400's.

But because there's much less spam, I actually check the spam folder quite often to see if there are false positives, and I almost always find a few. Makes me wonder how much mail I missed all this time?

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