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Comment: Twitter (Score 3, Insightful) 928

So someone at swa is monitoring @swa mentions in realtime actively looking for disparaging tweets and also with a passenger list AND their twitter handle and when said tweets come in has the authority to hotline a gate to hold a plane based on said tweet alone? i mean how else did this plane not already take off? I just dont get the whole timing - good to know i can ground some random plane in california from my couch in missouri

Comment: Bar table top game machine (Score 1) 322

by Eyezen (#46221175) Attached to: What Are the Weirdest Places You've Spotted Linux?
You know those table top game machines you see in bars, one I guess had some type of issue because it would boot up into the game but a couple minutes later would reboot and you'd see the familiar boot sequence scroll thru, don't know what distribution it was because I never went up close to look but you knew it was some type of linux from afar

Comment: disclaimer (Score 1) 259

by Eyezen (#45370425) Attached to: Canonical Targets Ubuntu Privacy Critic
From the website... Disclaimer: In case you are either 1) a complete idiot; or 2) a lawyer; or 3) both, please be aware that this site is not affiliated with or approved by Canonical Limited. This site criticizes Canonical for certain privacy-invading features of Ubuntu and teaches users how to fix them. So, obviously, the site is not approved by Canonical. And our use of the trademarked term Ubuntu is plainly descriptiveâ"it helps the public find this site and understand its message.

+ - SPAM: Guide to Cost Effective Weight Loss Program

Submitted by vamosdimitar
vamosdimitar (2993075) writes "Food is the main source of energy for people. At the same time, your body stores surplus energy as adipose tissue. In other words, a person gains weight by eating more than what the body requires for maintenance of cells and everyday activities. Hence, the body needs to exhaust stored fats to shake off weight. You need to minimize intake of calories and be more physically active.

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Link to Original Source

+ - Ubuntu Forums Hacked

Submitted by Eyezen
Eyezen (548114) writes "Ubuntu Forums is down for maintenance

There has been a security breach on the Ubuntu Forums. The Canonical IS team is working hard as we speak to restore normal operations. This page will be updated with progress reports.

What we know

Unfortunately the attackers have gotten every user's local username, password, and email address from the Ubuntu Forums database.
The passwords are not stored in plain text, they are stored as salted hashes. However, if you were using the same password as your Ubuntu Forums one on another service (such as email), you are strongly encouraged to change the password on the other service ASAP.
Ubuntu One, Launchpad and other Ubuntu/Canonical services are NOT affected by the breach.
Progress report

2013-07-20 2011UTC: Reports of defacement
2013-07-20 2015UTC: Site taken down, this splash page put in place while investigation continues.
2013-07-21: we believe the root cause of the breach has been identified. We are currently reinstalling the forums software from scratch. No data (posts, private messages etc.) will be lost as part of this process.
2013-07-22: work on reinstalling the forums continues.
If you're using Ubuntu and need technical support please see the following page for support:
Finding Help.
If you're looking for a place to discuss Ubuntu, in the meantime we encourage you to check out these sites:

The Ubuntu subreddit
The Ubuntu Community on Google+
Ubuntu Discourse"

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