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Comment: Re:Because Apple (Score 1) 292

by ExploHD (#45137445) Attached to: Irish Government May Close Apple's Biggest Tax Loophole

When a company does business in two different countries you often have overlapping and contradictory tax rules. Think of it as a compatibility problem. I have seen cases where tax rates go over 100%.

Not quite, since taxes paid on income earned overseas is deductible for a business and individual, but they must take the proper credits/deductions. For example, say you earned $30,000 in Somewhereakstan and the income tax rate is 10%, that means you will pay $3,000 in taxes to Somewhereakstan, leaving you with $27,000. You would then pay the taxes on that $27,000; since the US marginal tax rate is 15%, you would be paying $3604 in taxes to the US government*.

*your rates may vary

Comment: Re:Capital versus Operating Expense (Score 1) 658

by ExploHD (#43648205) Attached to: Adobe Creative Suite Going Subscription-Only

The software is no longer an amortizable asset, but instead gets counted as overhead

Both are still a fixed cost that are used to calculate your markup. Either way you will be able to deduct the cost against your taxes; now you'll avoid the up-front expense and having to do deductions over it's useful life.

Comment: Re:Do what they do to hourly workers. (Score 1) 381

You presume that most companies give a crap about the law. Instead lawyers are hired and loopholes are discovered. You just quoted "...authorized by the employee in writing...". I guarantee that this provision is included within the employee handbook and a signature from the employee to agree to such provisions is almost always a condition of employment.

Hobby Lobby requires you to sign a binding arbitration clause, for employment, before they will even accept your application.

Comment: Re:Everything gave us civilization (Score 4, Interesting) 325

by ExploHD (#43199637) Attached to: How Beer Gave Us Civilization
Vessels that had been used for making beer are identified by beer specific chemical traces on the inside of conatiners. Soot residue is a terrible indicator; and no, you do not need to place a container on the fire to boil water. You can boil water in water-tight weaved baskets by placing rocks that have come off of the fire. They hold a lot of heat and with multiple rocks you can boil for as long as you need.

After any salary raise, you will have less money at the end of the month than you did before.