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Comment Re:600k? (Score 1) 169

Yes, but if TFA is correct and the person who died was not informed of the live circuit status, you can add two zeroes to the end of that number when the wrongful death lawsuit is filed.

This was not in the USA, so those kind of damages won’t be given out.

Comment Re:Just got several emails... (Score 1) 56

Just got 2 notifications at work stating that there is a warning, and that there may be damage to our area. I live in Southern California, and my place of work is on the coast.

Gotta love the news organisations in CA for non-sensational and decisive information.

Some poor guy out at 4am to film the tsunami, all six inches of it.

Comment Re:Is he dangerous? (Score 3, Informative) 163

Why the heck did he have a tracking bracelet to begin with? He was convicted of being a fraudster and financial criminal, but was he convicted of violent crimes? Do they really give tracking bracelets to non-violent criminals in the USA?
That's truly fucked up if so.

I'm not even convinced that the guy is guilty of anything other than pissing off a rich, white, entitled douchebag.

Ask Martha Stewart...

Mommy, what happens to your files when you die?