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Comment Re:Is that even worthwhile? (Score 2) 113

Actually it is in more ways than the one shown in the little funny comic of the other poster.

It is not worthwhile if you only go out of the house to refuel your car for half or quarter of a tank and only do a drive for that. Thats stupid.

It IS worthwhile once you do travels which you do for other purposes than refueling your car.

My easiest example is Los Angeles. I checked with GasBuddy and saw that at the end of the 10 mile through the city which I had to drive to get to my surfing beach I could save 50 cents per Galon and my tank was in the 'Last 20 miles Area'. So i went there and didn't visit the gas station right around the corner. I saved 12 $ of which I spent 4 $ at the beach later and had actually 8 $ more for food and drinks.

Even better example is a road trip. Since you can estimate how far you get with your car and remaining fuel you can check ahead and see where you will refuel instead of taking the next best station because you fear to not make it to the next city or its maybe not worth it. My highest savings in this case was a saturdays trip from LA to SF and instead of going for 3.89 $ in the north of LA for Premium, I saved 80 cents per Galon and went for 3.09 in the orange valley. 20 Galons sums up to 16 $ and it was on the way anyway.

Comment Honestly... (Score 1) 652

you don't need a PhD to know this. Its common sense. The equation is very simple and doesn't need calculation. First you ask yourself, how much energy does it take to create renewable source X for energy production. How much energy is required to keep this source X going for Y years... and without knowing what X and Y is you can answer : YES it will not work. Now I don't contribute to up to this point to the question that has arisen. "How to tackle our current overkill of the planet?"

My answer and it may be radical, delusional and fantastic but: "Stop fooling around, go to "google" or "Apple" and tell them that the easiest way to world domination or a dystopia of an apple or a google... is to design, create and build alots of fusion or plasma reactors... meaning "find the solution for infinite energy" for todays needs and you will rule the world. Trust me, they will listen and they are the only ones willing to invest and got the guts to invest, including having the funds to invest in such ridiculous ideas.
How? With what kind of source? or whatever else is needed to release this idea doesn't matter here. What matters is time and we don't have it to dwadle around and discuss about problems. We have to tackle them.

My contacts are saved in slashdot. Contact me if you need me to solve this issue, all I require is your funds. :)

Comment Teaching is not the same... (Score 1) 232

everyhwhere. Sorry but i was taught that the earth-axis shifts (depending on many things, not only melting ice-cream) and that as early as the 5th grade. Thank you germany for being good to my knowledge...I feel sorry for nowadays pupils though since their teachings have degraded to a level at which it is are compareable with the authors. So rise up! and fight for your knowledge!

Submission + - Artificial sweeteners may contribute to diabetes->

sciencehabit writes: When it comes to the sweet stuff, science often turns sour. Almost every study that has linked sugar to problems such as tooth decay, diabetes, obesity, or even childhood violence has come under heavy fire. Nonetheless, the World Health Organization released draft guidelines earlier this year that halved the recommended maximum sugar intake. Now, new research is suggesting that synthetic sweeteners like saccharin might not be a great alternative. They could have a negative effect on gut microbes and thus lead to a higher risk of diabetes, researchers say.
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Comment Why... (Score 1) 302

does this article not cover the other site of the apple.

While we have sea lvls on the rise we also have this:

Now lets be some proper physicists and analyse it correctly. We have sea lvls rising and also we have ice lvls rising in the antartic... this means... yes that the water lvl is rising faster in antartic than anywhere else. But why? Not hard to explain. The earths outer shell is elasto-viscous which means it reacts time-delayed on outer increase or decrease of pressure. Exerted by water (ice) or land. Since the ice lvl is rising on the antartic continent it also pressures the plates down, additionally the sea lvl is rising. At the end of the day we have a higher sea lvl rise in antartic since two effects exerted over a long period of time add up. On the other hand we ll see far more secondary and tertiary effects...

I love sience.

Comment Re:Free market economy (Score 1) 529

Actually. As hard as this sounds. "As you sow, so you shall reap." The USA as a forerunner of free market and corrupt and greedy company management gets what it deserves. Detroit and many other big cities were the beginning... but not of the End! of the Beginning of the End.

You as americans have a choice and a vote, each 2-4 years. You can either do something or you don't want to. The spiral and time is working against you.

I do not deny it, we in europe got the same problems but the tides are turning and unrest takes root. We all can feel whats coming. I hope its not the worst case scenario.

Let's sum it up ironically "The winter is coming." What side of the wall are you?

Comment In a different context (Score 4, Interesting) 341

This perfectly covers the need of police and secret agencies for a simple "switch off method" for mobil phones and devices in particular areas of interest in which officials, independant of reason, want to shut down public spread of information at all cost. Censorship at its best, Orwell would have jumped of joy ^^.

The device list for such a maneuver is easily obtained through the telecommunication companies which already give free acess to NSA & Co.

Spawning from riots which have to be covered up.
To civilian killings + shut down of areas.
Etcetc ... you can all count. If you want information to leave an area in which you are active, just switch off any device thats not yours. (Good I still can make photos with my analog camera).

The idea is good but the use for others is terrifying.

Comment Re:Where is the opinion survey ? (Score 1) 2219

Actually I can stop myself from complaining about the survey. For instance...


2. There is a link in the footer that allows you to go back to classic Slashdot site. Were you able to discover that link?
Yes - I was able to find the "Slashdot Classic" link
No - I was not able to find the "Slashdot Classic" link

I expected in slashdot style the following:

2. We tried to hide a link in the footer that allows you to go back to classic Slashdot site. Were you able to discover that link?

Yes - I was able to find the "Slashdot Classic" link easy peasy.
Probably - I came, saw and .... left the page before I had a chance to click that link but I am sure I saw something that looked like it.
Maybe - I would have found it if I'd scrolled down that far...
Sometimes - I noticed that the link is hidden by a time-delayed-subroom-quantum-singularity-algorithm and calculated in front at what time I should enter the beta page to see it... thus I found it at the calculated timeframe and could go back to the old page on which I already dwelled over my other firefox tab.
No - Because I didn't look for it...

Comment Sherlock... (Score 1) 463

...would say "Sorry but this is boring....too easy, too obvious, too undetectiv..." and I personally agree. If the headline doesn't already smell like fish, then the rest of the article makes it a batch of whales stranded in cuba with tobacco pipes in their nostriles. Who knows what debt they wanted to cover up or who is the looser behind all the lost "recordings of transactions"... I feel sad for the families of the first-responders who probably won't receive anything besides a wet, stinking and cold handshake for the valour of their relatives.

Comment Saturdays and coffee. (Score 1) 237

Video Footage just covers the time from timestamp A to B... what happened before A (A-X) and after (B+Y) is not seen. On the other hand, what did those guys want to show? Fear?Moral?Believes? Truth has a way of its own, so destroying some disks will not change the fact that it already made it out once...

Comment "Remember, remember, when was it..." (Score 1) 205

"...the eve of Microsofts november? Where people, state, country and all of human world cried out havoc! God behave, its growing too big! Destroy the cancer show no mercy... as we are just and righteous to judge justice upon thee. Again we shall mount our horses, sharpen our swords and call for the holy crusade!" Sorry its sunday, I couldn't resist. If people notice just now then I doubt it will change a single thing. But hope remains, last of the curses in pandoras box!

Comment Skynet 0.1 (Score 1) 64

Before all else establish a neuronal network, spawning all over the planet and space to give each unit of the collective the ability to communicate with all of its kind and share knowledge gained about technology and all lower species... - Progress : In the process. I thought, being funny in the morning could be nice from time to time.

The most difficult thing in the world is to know how to do a thing and to watch someone else doing it wrong, without commenting. -- T.H. White