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Comment Re:fair competition (Score 2) 190

So if Uber takes hold, the bar owners will convince government to provide a Post Office equivalent of a taxi service. Price will be low, but it will be a single bus that takes all the patrons from that area, travel all around the town and drop them in their homes over the next six hours.

Actually such a service is already provided in Luxembourg, for example. On weekend nights, you have a free bus service from the party areas to the residential areas and the train station. It didn't require Uber to take hold, it was just done to reduce the amount of accidents caused by drunk driving. It's very successful.

Comment Re: fair competition (Score 2) 190

Funnily enough, in some places in Europe there are different driving license requirements for the cab drivers and the bus drivers. Because they tend to drive 8+ hours a day and clock insane mileage in a year, unlike the average driver.

  • Annual full medical checkup
  • Annual driving test
  • Regular inspection of the vehicle (time-based or mileage based, whichever is reached first)

Comment Re: GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 520

It is still the case in Germany, at least partially. Plastic bottles require a deposit, glass bottles don't. You're supposed to drop the glass bottles, sorted by color, in your suburb recycling point. Hobos do check all the trash cans for plastic bottles to return, but they can't cash it in. They receive a voucher for that specific shop. Most shops only take back bottles from their own inventory (based on bar code), but a few accept any bottle.

Comment Re:More like inability to prioritize or be efficie (Score 1) 203

I see things being done in a way that costs around five times as much as we would do it in small- to mid-scale private industry, and even at that expense level the quality of work is outright appalling.

Having worked on both sides of the fence, most of the cost saving I have seen so far in the small-to-mid-scale industry comes from cutting corners on things seen as "uncool" (to be honest, that also applies to large industry). Like, for example, compliance with the laws and regulations. I have worked in education, in the automotive industry, in the banking industry, in the risk management industry, in investment banks, in the cloud hosting industry and in local/national/international administrations. I honestly can say I haven't seen as much difference as people claim to see.

I have seen CTOs playing Farmville 8h a days in their startup while complaining about the ton of work they had and I have seen civil servants clocking 80+ hours a week to fix issues (without any hope of overtime compensation). I have seen automotive engineers write books on the evolution of money from the Roman times to modern day during their work hours, then clocking extra time to actually do their work. I have seen systems administrator actively sabotaging servers to get extra money through on-call.

Comment Re:I'm not buying the "confused grandma" defense (Score 1) 344

Before anyone is given access to classified information, my understanding is that they have to take a class in how to manage classified information and they have to sign an agreement saying they will abide by the rules governing classified information.

We have a similar class at work, followed by a test that you have to pass again every year. I actually had to do the test two months in a row as I joined the company 6 weeks before the annual company-wide refresh. Failure to score 100% on that test in the required time frame, being caught violating one of the security rules outlined in the class or witnessing a violation without reporting it are all causes for dismissal. Yet, it seems that all but a handful of employees have forgotten anything to do with the class within 30 seconds of finishing the test.

Comment Re:I volunteer as tribute. (Score 1) 381

For the first part of your response, it's called having discipline. I love looking at beautiful girls and I love sex, that doesn't mean I'm humping every girl I see in the street. Am I superhuman because I can resist a basic human desire that is third only to breathing and eating?

I agree with you that people overeat out of habit or even boredom. That's a self-reinforcing mechanism, too. The more you eat, the more you can eat and want to eat. Feeling full can be addictive. As I indicated in another post, I went from 180 lbs to 265 lbs through lack of portion control in the last 10 years... at my worst, I was eating Japanese food in family-sized portions. I have lost 55lbs in the last 12 months by getting my portions back under control. It's the second time I am going through this, the first time I went from 143 lbs to 220 lbs when I started working, then lost fat and gained muscle to reach 175 lbs. When I started working, I switched from being very physically active (track and field, basketball, judo, cycling and rock climbing) with a keto-type diet to a helpdesk job with no control on the food available. The shitty diet worked its magic in less than 3 years, a better diet took about a year to fix it. I actually felt better at 175lbs than at 143, so I went in maintenance mode from there on.

Comment Re:I volunteer as tribute. (Score 1) 381

If you believe what you claim, how do you explain that even when people DO lose weight dieting, they almost inevitably gain it back and more within a few years?

Based on observations on both myself and others... people tend to see the diet as a quick fix. Eat less until you reach your desired weight then eat as usual. People also tend to underestimate how many calories they eat, they forget to account for the snacks and so on. A guy I know went from morbidly obese to slightly overweight by switching to a keto diet. Once he got to that point, he broke down and wolfed down bread and cookies. He eats over 2000 calories a day in bread, pastries and cookies. I eat 2000 calories total in a day. When we were still working together, he was claiming I could eat whatever I wanted and still lose weight while he was gaining weight on thin air. My food tray was meat with loads of vegetables, his food tray had meat, extra potatoes, extra sauce and 3 desserts.

Comment Re: Metabolic rate doesn't vary that much (Score 1) 381

Compare the portion sizes, too. I've been eating mostly Japanese food for the past 10 years, but with western portion sizes (literally eating family sized Japanese portions at each meal). At the same time, my job has become more and more sedentary. Guess what happened? I became the fattest I've ever been in my whole life. I went from 180 lbs to 265 lbs. My wife also gained 50 lbs in the same time frame, even tho it's the food she ate her whole life. Something must have changed our genes, I guess.

In the past year or so, I have reduced my portion sizes and started moving my ass more to keep at around 500 calories below my calculated TDEE. Guess what? My genetics must have changed again because I have lost a bit more than 55 lbs so far. Most of it was from reducing my portions and stopping all soda, now I'm running 3 times a week and trying to build up my endurance to run longer distances. I'm still overweight, but it's going in the good direction. I also feel less hungry and tired than I used to. I do realize that it is not an easy fix and that going back to my previous portion sizes and sedentary life will land me back in the exact same spot. Once I hit my target weight, I'll slowly increase the portion sizes until my weight stabilizes.

Comment Re:Insurance subsidy? (Score 1) 204

Where I grew up, there are several volunteer services that do just that for every big party or event. It sounds insane, but it works wonders. They also gamified staying sober... you received stuff if you left the party below the legal limit.

Where I lived 10 years ago, they have free public transport from the pub areas to the residential areas on weekend nights.

Comment Re:Drifters (Score 1) 103

There is a theory of a link with asian aborigenes (not australian ones) for both the Ainu and the Jomon people that were there before the Ainu, based on the bone structure. The Ainu came from Sakhalin to the archipelago towards the end of the Jomon era. The Ainu and the Jomon may possibly be from the same genetic group or similar genetic groups, but they were very distinct cultures. The Jomon culture ran from about 10500 BCE to about 300 BCE.

Genetic analysis does point to a North-eastern Asian ancestry for both the Jomon and Ainu people. It's far from settled tho :)

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 452

The users (mods included) aren't the customers, they are the product. A customer is a person who buys goods or services from a shop or business. The advertisers buys ads placement from Reddit, that money pays for the infrastructure and the salaries. One could agree that the mods pay with the free time they spend maintaining their subreddit working, but in the grand scheme of things they're mostly there to attract more users.

Also, based on the fund raising last October, expect more attempts to increase revenue by any means. Reddit was valued at $500M (60 years of their latest annual advertisement revenue) and raised $50M from investors based on that valuation. At the current level of revenue, 10 years on, Reddit is still operating at a loss and can't survive without investors.

Comment Re: Good for greece (Score 1) 1307

If German made cars end up priced out of Greeks budget, wouldn't the materials and equipment required to build Greek cars also be? Also their steel industry is already dying, due to energy costs, mismanagement and lack of demand (their production capacity was higher than the demand, and they borrow money to modernize and increase it). The largest Greek steel company already has over 1 billion euros in debts.

Comment Re:Pao Wants "Safe Spaces" for Shills and Ideologu (Score 4, Informative) 385

Reddit, so far, is living on investors money... their last published revenue from advertisement was $8.3M in 2014, of which they gave 10% to charity. In 2013, they operated in the red... as far as I know, they also operated in the red in 2014. In the last funding round (Oct 2014?), they were valued $500M and got $50M in extra funding. 6 times their annual advertisement revenue...

News at 11, reddit is a company and needs to produce money to stay afloat. Do you know what happens when an overvalued company runs out of investors while still not operating in the black?

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