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Comment: Brillian (Score 1) 832

by EvanTaylor (#33625702) Attached to: Intel Wants To Charge $50 To Unlock Your CPU's Full Capabilities
This is brilliant. Intel's current processors (and those in the foreseeable future) beat the snot out of AMD offerings in performance.

They can further get the low end by offering upgradeable CPUs for bargain prices (to Dell, HP, etc) further putting pressure on AMD's margins, then recoup even higher profits by offering users a upgrade path that directly pays intel.

Intel's yields are ridiculous right now, few of their procs are disabled due to defects, but to offer different market segments options.

+ - MIT Chemical Engineer or Phoenix Suns Dancer?->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "This is a purely selfish request, but can /. help an avid lurker and fellow nerd by voting for Rachel P on the Phoenix Suns Dancers website?

Rachel is a recent MIT grad who has worked on several alternative energy projects while an undergrad, and was working for a tech startup in Phoenix on metal-air batteries while cheering for the Phoenix Suns. She quit her job a few weeks ago to practice to try to make the main team this year and is already the second oldest person in auditions.

She's made it to the final cut this year, and we have until tuesday to vote for her. There is no greater force in the world when it comes to online polls than /., and I am hoping that support for a nerd can be the final push needed to help her make the team."

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by EvanTaylor (#31755906) Attached to: Mass. Gambling Bill Would Criminalize Online Poker
All commonwealths are states, not all states are commonwealths.

It is a term very much grounded in political ideology, and used by separatist states after they gain independence. It's like declaring that your new state is of the people and not of the state or monarchy or oligarchy (let's not debate that last one).

It makes less sense for American states, but a lot more for former British/Russian states.

Comment: You Don't (Score 1) 366

by EvanTaylor (#30838234) Attached to: How Do You Volunteer Professional Services?
Short term professional services in any developing countries are pretty much worthless.

Whatever you implement will be undone within days to weeks of leaving. You can't possibly teach the basics of whatever your professional abilities are in less than 6 months, otherwise a local expert could have been found.

If your services can be of use within a short-term stay you are just taking jobs away from locals and not helping the country at all.

If you want to help, some very basic things can be great for seriously impoverished areas. Project H (was on Colbert on monday) makes these long-distance water wheelbarrow things.

Buy a bunch of those and bring them to far-reaching villages. No villager will forget how to carry 2-5 times the water more easily than they ever did before.

Search and Rescue opportunities for recently destroyed Haiti, might have promise. But only if you can stomach turning up rocks to find 5 month old corpses.

Really basic and intermediate books are welcome at schools, orphanages, etc. Take a trip to Ghana, bring a bunch of books and enjoy the surf and beaches.

Comment: Re:As evil as it sounds... (Score 1) 225

by EvanTaylor (#30522190) Attached to: AU Authority Moves To Censor Net Filtering Protest Site
The Democratic Nat'l Convention had free speech zones in Boston.

The protesters cuffed themselves and put cloth over their heads like detainees in gitmo. Yes, very loud group.

Free Speech Zones are clearly against the constitution and it is not just the fake republicans than use them.

Comment: Re:Fairness? (Score 4, Insightful) 319

by EvanTaylor (#30500620) Attached to: Verizon Defends Doubling of Early Termination Fee
Uhh. There is no free-market in the US for just about anything. Cellphone companies license spectrum that no one else can use and become defacto monopolies.

I have traveled a bit and only one country that I have been to had a free-market of any kind. Ghana, West Africa.

Ghana has between 4 and 6 cell phone providers that compete with one and another.

Ghana would not give exclusive rights to any cellular company when they first approached the country before there was cellular technology in the country.

Instead Ghana started it's own government-run cell company because no major provider would agree to anything but a monopoly position.

Strangely enough... 6 competing companies are there now making money hand over fist, and the Ghanaian government just sold their old government phone/internet company to Vodacomm.

Privatization does work, in a real free market. We live in a completely socialized state that pretends it is a free-market driven economy.

Comment: Re:The tide is turning against lefties (Score 1) 651

by EvanTaylor (#29302333) Attached to: Canadian Hate-Speech Law Violates Charter of Rights
RNC protesters being arrested got pretty big headlines on all the news networks when it happened. Don't think you need to cite that, assuming your audience are NEWS website goers.

FBI being used to inappropriately investigate people who aren't in line with the party in power is not unusual. Really, watch your damned national and local news if you haven't seen stories about this.

The anti-flag thing is a stupid debate, real conservative republicans have been on the news debunking the idea of making the proper way of getting rid of a flag as stupid, and Scalia (SCOTUS, incase you didn't know), a conservative if you ever met one says it is free speech.

Every single thing this guy said has been covered by all the national news associations, not just idiot bloggers.

Asking for citations on such hugely public events which were covered by multiple news outlets just shows your own ignorance, and is not "+3 insightful"

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