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Comment: Re:Rediculous. (Score 4, Insightful) 172

by Etyenne (#32457532) Attached to: Free Software Wins Court Battle in Quebec

If the government of Quebec wants to upgrade their AutoCad 2000 license to AutoCad 2010 licenses, do they have to accept bids from people who want to sell them the free software program "Bricscad" running under Wine?

Close, but no cookie. It means the government has to describe the need they need to fill, instead of dictating a specific product, in their RFP. Any bidder that can meet these needs can submit a proposal. It's common sense, really.

Comment: A business, not an "activist" (Score 5, Informative) 172

by Etyenne (#32457340) Attached to: Free Software Wins Court Battle in Quebec

Correction to the article text: Savoir-Faire Linux is a commercial Linux service provider (an integrator), not an "activist". Look them up on the web. They sued the government because buying Windows specifically without considering Free software options was witholding them business.

FACIL, which also sued the government for the same reason in a different case, *is* an advocacy non-profit organization, somewhat akin to APRIL or the FSF.

Comment: Re:"Won the right to submit offers" (Score 4, Interesting) 172

by Etyenne (#32457292) Attached to: Free Software Wins Court Battle in Quebec

The RFP specified "Windows Vista license", which by definition excluded anybody who wanted to submit a proposal desktop OS replacement plan based on Linux. What Savoir-Faire Linux won is, basically (paraphrased, read the judgement) the right to submit a proposal to upgrade Windows desktop to Linux.


+ - PBS asking viewers to choose new Science show

Submitted by chinmay7
chinmay7 (776189) writes "PBS has posted three different pilots for a new science show, that they want viewers to weigh in on and help choose one as a regular science show. All three pilots are viewable as vodcasts.
Wired Science aired on January 3rd. The pilot certainly is polished as expected from Wired Magazine, and deals with interesting topics: "Meet rocket-belt inventors, stem cell explorers and meteorite hunters."
Science Investigators (Air date: January 10) seems to be the most 'science' show: "The investigators examine 30,000-year-old Neanderthal DNA, vanishing frogs, mind-boggling baseball pitches and more."
22nd Century (Air date: January 17) is pretty gimmicky and loud (for my tastes, at least) but delivers interesting content — "In the coming decades will all our brains be wired together like networked computers?"

So watch and vote. Choose our new public TV science show."

+ - Fortune Names 100 Best Places To Work For 2007

Submitted by
s31523 writes "Love your job, hate your job? Find out how your company ranks according to Fortune's list of the 100 best places to work for 2007. I figured Microsoft would have made it higher than the 50 spot especially with things like, "free grocery delivery, dry-cleaning service, and valet parking". Interesting to see what perks each company has, especially to mine, which is definitely not on the list."

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