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Comment: Re:Looks fancy, but... (Score 1) 66

by Etiko (#34788958) Attached to: Razer Unveils Portable Gaming Device Concept
One of the comments in TFA actually had a quite clever way of dealing with this.

Since the top LCD is also a touch screen, let the user define his own icons by touching the relevant space on the top screen and then that image block will automatically map to the bottom LCD.

Problem solved. And no special support needed from the game.

Comment: Re:Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone 7? (Score 1) 170

by Etiko (#33618154) Attached to: Microsoft Releases Final Windows Phone 7 Dev Tools
No, I don't think it's too late. I don't think we have seen THE mobile OS, yet. I think we are at the same place where PCs were before Windows. Everyone is trying for a shot at the market, but there is no clear winner, yet. And I don't think any of the current mobile OSs will be the winners. Each of them have their own issues. iOS: Closed and locked down. Plus I don't see Apple licensing the use of iOS to other manufacturers. Android: Patent issue with Oracle; Fragmentation is hurting its image. Symbian: Feels dated. The new QT interface helps, but you still get the clunky feeling coming through. RIM: Same as Symbian - feels old and clunky. Plus, like iOS, it won't be licenced to other manufacturers. Bada: The API is absolutely useless + it isn't targeted at "smart" phones. Plus, like iOS, pretty locked down. Win 7: Too early to say. But it looks like it will also be as locked down as with iOS. Meego: Too early to say. Might suffer the same fragmentation issue as with Android, but I have read that Nokia have strickt guidelines in place for OEMs to follow if they want to use the Meego brand. Might help. So we are still in early days. All I can say is that the next 10 years are going to be exciting times for lovers of tech.

Comment: Summary is Wrong (Score 1) 180

by Etiko (#33559222) Attached to: Gartner Predicts Android Most Popular Mobile OS By 2014
Dear Slashdot Editors, Your summary is wrong. Gartner predicted that Android will be the second biggest in 2014, just a bit below Symbian, which will still be number 1. Here's a link to a much better article on the subject:

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