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Comment apple shmapple (Score 1) 334

If you are a gigantic corporation that doesn't give two shits about anyone who doesn't invest in your corporation and you entrust a prototype of a forthcoming product to a nincompoop lackey who loses it in a fucking BAR, you bring the full force of your influence over the local police department right down on the head of the stupid sonofabitch who finds said prototype. High profile embarrassments demand ACTION! NOW! HARDER! GET HIM!

Comment If you care, do something about it. (Score 1) 619

Sure, you could just delete them or filter them and leave it be. But if you want to do something nice for a stranger (but a stranger who shares your name, which kinda puts you in a special club), why not perpetrate some special trickery in order to determine the person to whom the emails are intended so you may contact them to inform you're receiving mail intended for them. It's really a shame that you can't simply mark emails with "return to sender, addressee not known." It's easy to not care. I'm not suggesting making this your life's effort, but doing something nice for someone you don't know is always a good way to please the cosmos.

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