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Comment Re:first useless reply! (Score 1) 39

Also, I found out that if you're in a train and sit close enough to the engineer(? the person who operates the train ..) and switch on the jammer while the train is at the station, the train won't move anymore because you're blocking the signal used by the train to communicate with the station. Was kind of funny at first, but then too many people came in asking questions and being upset ... Also, I was getting late for work and people complaining about their phone not working was worse than when they were quietly texting.

Comment universal linux client? (Score 1) 416

So after removing my MSN account from Pidgin, I can now remove my Google Talk account? Great, so only a private Jabber server remains. Unless I'm willing to have 3 separate IM clients running ... Bah. Anyone knows of a universal Linux client that can handle at least skype and jabber?

Comment nonsense (Score 1) 851

Flu shots are a hoax. I've worked in a hospital where about half of the people chose to have the flu shot. Most of them got sick immediately afterwards and there was no evidence that having taken the shot, would prevent them from getting the flu later that year. People who never took the shot got sick just as much as the people who did.

Comment Here in Holland (Score 1) 1651

Over here in Holland, we rarely see people wearing such helmets. Actually the only ones who wear them are some children, and that's only because they tend to be more reckless and/or can't estimate the dangers too well. After the age of 8-9, they too stop wearing them. Almost everybody here knows how to ride a bike and if you see how we do that; driving through busy traffic, together with cars, buses etc. on the same lane, all without helmets. Sure, accidents happen, but I can't remember one incident where a helmet would've proven useful. Most of the times a protective suit like you wear on a motorcycle would've been better :)

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