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The Internet

Journal Erris's Journal: Save the Internet Pettitions FCC Against Comcast

Save the Internet has asked the FCC to fine Comcast for blocking bittorrent traffic.

In filing a "Petition for Declaratory Ruling" with the FCC, these SaveTheInterneters have asked the feds to acknowledge that BitTorrent bagging violates their "Internet Policy Statement"

"Comcast, the nations number two provider of high-speed Internet access, is blatantly violating the FCCs Internet Policy Statement by degrading a range of peer-to-peer applications," the complaint reads. "It falsely denied degrading peer-to-peer applications and now continues to degrade applications without informing users and while advertising access to the 'internet.' The FCC should immediately enjoin this discrimination and impose forfeitures on Comcast." The complaint also asks the FCC to adopt umbrella fines for ISPs that exhibit Comcast-like behavior.

Companies taking advantage of lax enforcement have stirred up a storm of new opposition. Blocked bittorrent, politically censored concerts, politically censored email, and the degradation of competition have all made headlines and controversy. A backlash is rising.

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Save the Internet Pettitions FCC Against Comcast

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