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Comment Talking the Talk / Walking the Walk (Score 1) 400

Okay Whiplash,

I remember reading the first "We now own Slashdot" article (and trust me, had I been able to get that dang winning Powerball ticket, I would have been in the bidding war :) ) and it is nice to see the staff following up on things extremely quickly considering how much cruft and contract that has to be dug through to make it happen. Looking forward to seeing good stuff. (Is this a note of optimism?) If you guys are in the Bay Area, I'll buy a round.

Comment Re:Suggestions. (Score 1) 1833

Disagree with this. The reason the default score for Anonymous Cowards is 0 while a named individual is 1 goes to the whole "stand behind your comment" thing. Anonymous Cowards who post things that the group find funny, interesting or otherwise insightful get modded up fairly quickly. The ones who post trolls (unless they are good) get modded to -1 and disappear from the view of most individuals.

Now all the ad tracking scripts -- that one, can agree with somewhat - just have to find a balance, yes?

Comment Re:Yeah, sad, but what does this do here? (Score 1) 174

Harry potter is a children's book. You tell me.

And "The Lion Knig" is a children's cartoon. Your point being? Frankly, the Harry Potter movies made a ton of money and were enjoyed by adults as well as kids. In addition, Rickman was also in Galaxy Quest. And Die Hard (as one of the baddest badass villians ever). Turn on TNT and watch some of those 80s movies they show late night between Law and Order episodes.

Comment Baen Snippets (Score 1) 57

I see they haven't been to Baen's Bar or Library site - the snippets posted 2-3 times a week for upcoming books (which basically ends up being the first third of the book) and the Free Library (consolidates the snippets to an easier to read format - look - there's a "buy here" button). If they shoot for a patent, there's plenty of prior art.

Comment Re:Oh, for cryin' out loud.... (Score 2) 305

johanw, your post looked kind of weird.. here let me copy/paste:

The ## ########## is already using these tactics to %enhance% discussion about people they really don't like, like ####### or #######. Claiming the subjects to be "##### #######"

Not sure what you were trying to say, but I'm certain it was important...

Comment Re:What's the mayor of Stockton doing in China? (Score 4, Informative) 399

Stockton has a port. Getting cargo shipped to said port generates revenue from dock fees, import fees, transship fees, fees for trucks coming into the port not to mention all the working types. China is one of the worlds largest exporters - so yes, the mayor of Stockton has a reason to be in China, drumming up business.

Comment Re:My $.02 (Score 1) 552

Previous sale price was $20 million in 2012. Arguments could be made for declining readership and fragmentation of the community - they could also be made for increasing readership etc. Low ball number would be $14 million... upper end is $28 million. No idea what the revenue is vs. expenses, and how much was being covered due to DHI's economy of scale vs. stuff just being left to rot and being milked (which would explain the most recent outages).

Silliness sake - PowerBall is at 100 million - take home would be enough to make an all cash offer and still have money left for operating funds...

Comment Re:DHI (Score 1) 11

Interesting -- I don't have a horizontal scroll anywhere on my pages once the window size is larger than 640 px. Perhaps it's a setting on your system or in your profile setup that is kicking in the horizontal scroll?

Comment Re:Updating would be nice if it wasn't mandatory (Score 1) 434

I like my Droid 4, too - but will probably move it to Cyanogenmod so it can run the latest version. (I have a cracked screen one and did this for wi-fi only settings to make sure I could do it without bricking the silly thing). It's annoying that Verizon isn't doing any updates for this phone. (a different problem is running out of space for installing/updating apps, but hey, I'm a geek I should be able to fix this, right? :) )

Comment Re:A story for those who (Score 1) 128

I'm out of mod points else would definitely give you a +1 informative. And based on the map, I was about a 1/2 mile from the epicenter of this one and didn't feel it - but I think we were in the car coming from the latest Avengers movie so really paid no attention to it. Anything under a 5 is not worth talking about unless they are foreshocks.. .

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