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Comment: 7 was the same (Score 3, Interesting) 222

by EricX2 (#40505159) Attached to: Full Upgrades To Windows 8 Only From Windows 7?

You could only do a 'true upgrade' from Windows Vista to Windows 7, so how is this any different? I don't think you could upgrade from Windows ME to XP either.
Vista is how old now? It came out in 2006. How many years old will OS X 10.8 allow upgrades from? Snow leopard from 2009.

They aren't saying XP or Vista don't meet the requirements for an upgrade edition, just that you can't do an in place upgrade. Of course you can't, the file structure isn't the same.

This is even better, it means once again you will be able to use the upgrade pricing for clean installs. Good deal!

Comment: You call that censorship? (Score 4, Funny) 451

by EricX2 (#38300124) Attached to: Iran Shuts Down US Virtual Embassy

I am a time traveler from the future and where I come from people understand that the internet is a place to get information designed specifically for you by the people you pay taxes to. Other governments are all bad, and we don't dare cross IP borders... especially since they implemented IP v1984 and all networks only have access to their own IP segments and all traffic on said segments route through a connection direct to the government run 'packet enhancer'. It's fun and safe!

Comment: Re:I am gonna start my own ask slashdot thread (Score 1) 488

by EricX2 (#37955534) Attached to: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Won't Fit On a CD

It needs to be preinstalled on their computer when they buy it... I would guess 75% of the people who have computers use whatever comes preinstalled because that is what they think their computer is. The concept of 'operating system' is still foreign to most people.

If Linux can be preinstalled with a desktop that looks as nice as the competing Windows and OS X systems, it will start to be mainstream. When they only way to buy a linux baed system is through the business page on Dell or some random Linux Laptop page, most people wont even know it is an option.

As far as it's current state, it should be good for most people. The fact that most documentation online is designed for geeks would hurt the average noob trying to figure stuff out though. The second a person realizes their $15 wal-mart webcam or off brand scanner wont work with it, they will be upset. Not the fault of Linux... but as far as most people are concerned, the stuff should just work by plugging it in and putting the CD in the drive.

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