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Comment: X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes (Score 0) 137 137

Preacher: Are you a sinner? Do you wish to be saved?

Dr. James Xavier: Saved? No. I've come to tell you what I see. There are great darknesses. Farther than time itself. And beyond the darkness... a light that glows, changes... and in the center of the universe... the eye that sees us all.

[Looks up at the sky]

Dr. James Xavier: No!

Preacher: You see sin and the devil! But the lord has told us what to do about it. Said Matthew in Chapter Five, "If thine eye offends thee... pluck it out!"

Comment: Most "Poor" work Part time. (Score 0) 311 311

Most "Poor" work part-time due to the trend of employers not wanting to pay benefits as required for full-time employees, therefore they work less hours. This obviously skews this stories observation. Also most higher income jobs are salaried with no overtime pay therefore they like salaried employees to work overtime and employers of part-time or full-time employees try to avoid OT pay whenever possible.

Comment: Re:JEBUS will protect me! (Score 0) 343 343

I was going to say something along the same lines "that users feel safer" [in the house of their lord].

But I was also going to say "uhm... you think churches DON'T make money?!" They make LOTSA... tax-free money.

Comment: Re:Everyone ignores Commodore (Score 0) 301 301

I bet Jack Tramel's death won't get the kind of coverage that Steve Jobs got. His 6502 CPU (plus variants) were used in Atari 2600/5200/7800 consoles, Atari computers, Apple I/II/IIgs computers, Nintendo ES and Super Nintendo consoles. His Commodore and Atari companies popularized music, video, and preemptive tasking when the Macs/PCs were going "beep" and had about 4 colors.

And yet after today we'll probably never hear about him again. And yes the Commodore 64 was and still is the record-holder for most machines sold (peak years: 1983-86). The runner-ups:

2. Amiga 500 (millions of C64 owners upgraded)
3. Atari 800 (peak year: 1980-82)
4. Tandy/Radio Shack TRS-80 (1977-1979)

TI-994/A.... FTW!

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