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WARNING: engadget is extreemly pro apple and is probably being paid by apple to calm the situation. durring the iPad launch there were tons of "fluff" ipad articles hyping the thing, at one point they even had to turn comments off because people were so angry about engadget's blatent pro apple bias

Submission + - Creative Zii Egg. iPod touch watch out!->

Eric writes: "Creative's new touchscreen device is a hardware package designed for developers, it runs PLASMA os (a custom linux distro) or Android. Because of the widespread use of android this could be the perfect iPod touch replacement for those fed up with app restrictions on the iPod touch. The hardware alone is impressive with 1080p h264 decoding(on device or out to HDMI), it houses 2 camera's, GPS, SDHC card slot, an accelerometer, bluetooth and more. The developer model comes with 32gb of storage built in, and a 0gb version will be 199$(bulk price)."
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