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Comment Re:Avoid INTERCAL (Score 1) 390

Avoid INTERCAL job postings at all costs.

So, you mean the fact that I wrote a c-intercal parser that used obscure opcodes to actually perform the interweave and or and xor isn't a good thing to put on my resume?

Also, my favorite obscure language is LIRL, and that has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH ME BEING THE AUTHOR... rather, it's an interesting concept of, "what if Perl raped LISP and LISP was forced by the republican state government to carry that baby to term?"

The answer is: implied parentheses. To be clear, the language is absolutely context sensitive...

Comment Re:Actually, the common saying... (Score 1) 314

I ended up booting into DOS directly for most of these reasons.

Oddly, I barely even use 95... went straight from 3.x to 98. Where I still booted into DOS to do my gaming.

Ah... back in the day... I had to tetris my drivers to make sure I had enough conventional and XMS memory for the game I wanted to play... BOTH WAYS!

Comment Re:Lead the horse to the source (Score 1) 1034

Usually only as the observer and not as an experienced perpetrator such as yourself

I think no one can disagree that you are inexperienced.

Are you in politics, "public relations", "social media worker", advertising or just an unpaid person fond of manipulation? Either way this current "spin" of pretending rather blatant student politics style bullshit is not happening shows a distinct lack of integrity and only makes my wonder at the motives of an apologist for such bullshit. It's not just about being anti-science this time, so what is it about?

I think it shows poor reasoning skills on your part. Even if your accusations were true, you're pointlessly making an idiot out of yourself since you would have nothing to back it up. You probably should learn to come up with support when you make assertions. Just saying shit marks you as an idiot.

We can use those out of shape reasoning skills here. There isn't a financial or propaganda advantage to spending endless hours on Slashdot, especially without a coherent theme. Sorry, we're just not that important and human labor is rather expensive. In addition, it's an enormous pain to find any posts on Slashdot via the search engines. So there's no point to using Slashdot to poison the well that way either.

Finally, why should it be such a big deal that someone disagrees with you that you have to spin conspiracy theories about it? I got used to it. You should too.

Comment Re:"The word 'genius' gets misused an awful lot," (Score 1, Funny) 55

He'll, of course, be most well known for his celebrated surgery theory on sexifolds, particularly the foundational Sexconker Decomposition Theorem which demonstrates that all sexifolds can be decomposed into basic topological components such as penisifolds, breastifolds, and analfolds. And if the sexifold is not oriented, then it has a peculiar bisexual structure.

Comment Re:Not the holy grail (Score 1) 392

Actually, no. Conservation of energy means that converting solar radiation in electricity simply changes the form of the energy, not the amount.

Energy can be heating up mass on Earth or it can be radiating to deep space. Solar power causes more energy to be contained on Earth, heating it up rather than the latter. Energy is conserved, but it need not be present on Earth. And I already stated the mechanisms by which this would happen.

Comment Re:Not the holy grail (Score 1) 392

1) It's not the holy grail. It's been shown that if our energy consumption continues to grow along its current trajectory, then the temperature at the surface of the earth will reach the boiling point in several hundred years. Now, presumably the growth of our energy consumption will slow down at some point. But what this thought experiment demonstrates is that any power source that generates denovo heat on the earth is part of the problem. Ultimately, the source of our power will have to be the sun.

Solar also generates heat since it is increasing the albedo of a part of Earth and the result electricity produced will generate heat through work or inefficiency.

And physical exponential growth forever is not a serious scenario to consider.

Comment Re:the riskiest thing i do everyday (Score 1) 165

Yes. However, that is something you choose to do.

It's also riskier for people who don't choose to be anywhere near a car. There's probably more people dying from vehicles crashing into buildings or driving through non-road areas. And that's ignoring the effects of air pollution from vehicles.

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