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Comment Re:Don't try (Score 1) 726

I'm a bit late on this, but something he should keep in mind is that the Lucky Starr books are a bit dated in their science. I'm not sure if you're going for "fun read" or "get the kid into genuine science," but there are parts of some of them that are flat-out wrong.

"Lucky Starr and the Oceans of Venus" is the most obviously incorrect one, but I seem to recall that the original one ("Lucky Starr - Space Ranger") got some things wrong as well. Just something to keep in mind - a lot of Asimov's stuff has aged extremely well, but that particular series didn't.

Also, the pen name was Paul French - but the volume I have also has Asimov's name on it.

Comment This has been known for years... (Score 1) 307

... as a rumor, at least.

I worked with high-power RF in the military for 5 years, and it was "common knowledge" that the SHF curse was alive and well. Men who worked with the radios had the "curse" of only having female children when they had kids at all. As such, I'm totally unsurprised at reading this.

Comment Re:Wouldn't that take a lot from the game? (Score 1) 141

I'm just imagining Lou Piniella shouting at a robot umpire, taking off his cap, throwing it on the ground at the robot's feet, picking up a base, throwing it down the right field line, picking up the robot ump, carrying it with him, throwing the base some more, and repeating.

... it's funny, but it doesn't quite have the same impact.


Submission + - Capcom announces unreplayable game ( 3

Hatta writes: Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D for the Nintendo 3DS will be an experience that can be completed once per customer. Using a single, unwipable save slot Capcom ensures that a second hand customer gets a second rate experience. If you buy this game used, you will be stuck with the previous owner's progress, unable to start the game fresh.

Submission + - Student suspended for posting on YouTube ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: A Canadian student has been suspended from school and had the police called on him due to satirical animations that he posted to YouTube.

Jack Christie, a 12th-grade student at the Donald A. Wilson Secondary School in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, created the videos in his own time, off-campus.

Comment Oh noes! (Score 1) 323

Golly gee! This law being passed is going to screw EVERYTHING up for me!

Or not. I'll keep doing what I've done in the past - if I want to hear something, I'll listen to it on the radio or do without. Most of the movies coming out these days? I wouldn't spend money on those either.

Let's hope that they keep spending their money on bribes^H^H^H^H^H^Hcampaign contributions, and eventually go broke. Fuck 'em.

Comment Re:From TFA... (Score 1) 320

From TFA:

The nation has been at Yellow, "an elevated significant risk of terrorist attacks" for three years. International and domestic flights have been at an Orange "high risk of terrorist attacks" for the same period.
A proposal by the Homeland Security Advisory Council, unveiled late Tuesday, recommends removing two of the five colors, with a standard state of affairs being a "guarded" Yellow. The Green "low risk of terrorist attacks" might get removed altogether, meaning stay prepared for your morning subway commute to turn deadly at any moment.

I'll grant, I might be missing^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hsuck and apparently missed something in the whole mess, but calling it a "guarded" yellow implied that they were going to use the current blue "guarded" definition for the new "yellow".

So yes, ignore me. I'ma go back to sleep now.

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