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Which Embedded Linux Distribution? 62

Posted by Cliff
from the cream-of-the-crop dept.
Abhikhurana writes "I work for a company which designs a variety of video surveillance devices (such as MPEG4 video servers). Traditionally, these products have been based on proprietary OSs such as Nucleus and VxWorks. Now, we are redesigning a few of our products and I am trying to convince my company to go down the Linux route. Understandably, our management is quite skeptical about that and so I was asked by our CTO to recommend a few RTOSs which have mature networking stacks and which work well on ARM platform. I know that there are many embedded Linux based distributions out there. There are commercial ones such as Montavista, LynuxWorks, free ones such as uclinux, muLinux and some Linux like distros such as Ecos. What is the most stable and best community supported embedded Linux distribution out there?"

+ - First vulnerability in Vista's Windows Mail

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juct writes "Would you expect that clicking on a link in an email executes a program on your local machine? You'd better — at least if you are using Windows Mail on Vista. The successor to Outlook Express links seamlessly with its predecessor's dubious reputation in matters of security. Under certain cirumstances a click on a link will execute programms without requiring any confirmation. As a hacker namend Kingcope found out, it takes only a link to an executable like "c:/windows/system32/winrm?" and a directory with the same name. heise Security has demonstrated the problem by creating a directory named calc. Although there is no direct attack vector, it makes you wonder what other Vista features are waiting to be discovered..."

+ - Debian at the crossroads

Submitted by Tookis
Tookis (666) writes "The Debian GNU/Linux project has come to some kind of crossroads — due to many factors, some of them artificial — and the man who takes over leadership next month will have to make some crucial decisions on the future direction of the project. At the moment strong leadership appears to be lacking — or so founder Ian Murdock believes."

+ - Debian package of the day

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flok writes "The Debian project has started a new interesting webpage: the "Debian package of the day"-page. It does what it says: every day an other package from the Debian repository is posted with an elaborate describtion and some nice screenshots. As Debian (and other distributions as well) contains way too much packages to inspect all of them yourself, this is then a nice way of learning about all kind interesting softwarepackages."
The Media

+ - BBC lose all their original footage of 911

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Kerago writes "The head of news BBC World, Richard Porter, recently disclosed in the BBC World editors blog _of_the_conspiracy.html, that the BBC has lost all of its original 911 footage. Mr Porters response to questions about how this could happen, who was responsible and when this would be reported to the public can be found here: _of_the_conspiracy_2.html This has been kept extremely quiet in the UK media so far."

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