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Comment: Re:60fps on a phone? Why? (Score 0) 105 105

by Entropy997 (#34075540) Attached to: John Carmack On <em>RAGE</em> For iOS/Android
"3. 60 Hz is smoother then 30 Hz, (yes there are people that can tell)" The whole thing about certain frame rates being un-seeable is total crap. I spent a lot of time with the Source engine playing games with frame rate monitoring on.
You can definitely see the difference. What I have witnessed is the true maxing out of frame rates. Basically the frame rate gets smoother and smoother up until about 100 or 120, where the speed of frames causes everything to move in fast motion.
All of those people claiming that 70 or 90 FPS is unnoticeable have not actually done any experiments.

Comment: uh (Score 0) 295 295

by Entropy997 (#33728648) Attached to: Fifty Meter Asteroid Might Hit Earth In 2098
Are we *really* still talking about potential asteroid collisions as though it's quite possible to happen? Didn't any of you hear of project Deep Impact? The alleged asteroid material extraction and analysis mission? Come on. Project Deep Impact, named after the movie?!! ROFL nt at secrecy. The impact from the probe altered the trajectory of the asteroid.

Comment: Re:Finally (Score 1) 659 659

by Entropy997 (#33114374) Attached to: Obama Sets End of Iraq Combat For August 31st
I can't speak as though I've lived there, but I've visited and the healthcare service was excellent. My father was having a tacacardia problem (out of control heart rate) and they took care of him very well. They even made him stay longer to watch over him. And he was a FOREIGNER. Hospitals over here give you the boot as soon as they possibly can.

Comment: asteroid impact (Score 1) 326 326

I do hope you all are aware that "Project: Deep Impact" was probably a secret mission to stop a potential asteroid collision. So don't get too excited about any potential asteroid collisions. We already have the capability to thwart such a menace, and have already done so. All further speculation is wasted... er, finger movements.

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