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Journal Journal: HELP WANTED == Entropic Reactions

Entropic Reactions is a start-up company preparing to go live. Together, we will fill a much-needed niche in the independant music world. Telecommuters are preferred for all positions! If your skill set does not match our positions available, please contact us! A staff of 3-10 people is required for our company and I'm the only one right now!

Qualified applicants will have experience starting from nothing and creating a beautiful, simple design optimized for and influenced by a certain popular search engine. Knowledge of dynamic web page creation with heavy user interaction required. Experience handling user-uploaded, dynamically generated data a must. Knowledge of necessary computer hardware requirements and wisdom to purchase said requirements is exceptionally helpful.

All candidates must be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement as a part of the screening process. Thank you for your time.

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Journal Journal: Matrix Thoughts

Neo is a computer program... Multiple elements of proof: 1) After stopping the sentinals, he was stuck in the Train Station (how you get things into & out of the Matrix);

2) He could be in a human body the same way thet Smith was;

3) This explains his subsequent powers in the world of Zion, he can manipulate the programs through the machine world like a networked computer program could;

4) he realized that he was a program at the end of Revolutions, this is why he was willing to sacrifice himself WITHOUT telling the true story of the multiple reiterations of the Matrix to anyone @ Zion.;

5) The Architect says that only a fraction of a fraction of a percent of humans are like him (we only know about 8-10 out of billions of human beings);

6) Neo can see code just like other programs in the Matrix can;

7) The Oracle as much as told Neo he was a program by only comparing his abilities to choose to other programs, Neo does not figure this out until later, it is debatable whether Trinity knows or not;

8) He is completely emotionless, and EVERYONE involved in the movie said Reeves would be EXCELLENT in this part that requires showing few if any emotions!;

9) Incidental irony by him being a PROGRAMMER/HACKER in the Matrix world.

10) Smith had a special hatred for Neo because he could NEVER understand a rebel program (hence his questioning Neo's motives ("Surely you must see by now. You can't win against me...; why keep fighting, etc.");

11) Neo is Smith's opposite, the opposite of an Agent program working against humans is The One program working for humans

I think I've made my point.

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