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Comment Kind of reminds me of something in the past (Score 1) 442

"From the outset, Surface RT had an issue with the potential to mightily trip up Microsoft: While Windows RT looks exactly like Windows 8, it can't run legacy Windows programs built for x86 processors, limiting users to what they can download from the built-in Windows Store app hub." I'm thinking of the PC, Jr.

Comment Same ole story (Score 2) 880

Meh. We hear the old refrain every time Microsoft comes out with a new version of Windows. "It's the worst thing ever.". "People will be migrating to OSX/Linux/whatever in droves." The sad fact is that businesses and IT are so heavily invested in the Windows ecosystem that they have no choice but to eventually upgrade. Think of all the specialized apps out there on the Windows platform: banking apps, auto shop diagnostic apps, imaging apps, etc. Even if developers want to switch to another OS, how are they going to migrate their users? Tell them they have to throw out their PCs and buy Macs? Or wipe their drives and set up an Ubuntu partition?

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