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Journal: Job hunting 1

Journal by Enry

I hate getting fired from newspapers! Or at least being laid off from VA. Yes, I'm one of those poor saps that got caught when VA decided to get out of the hardware business. Sad thing, really, but the severance was nice. Too bad the great Commonwealth of Mass doesn't want to pay me unemployment due to the amount of the severance. Oh well.

Trying to stay in the Linux market. There's a lot of opportunities out there for an all 'round Linux person. Good thing.

I interviewed with a Linux company in California last week. Short review: don't take America West airlines. The jerks didn't hold the plane from Las Vegas to Boston, so I arrived in LV from San Jose just in time to watch the Boston flight pull out of the gate and leave. Without me. And 3 other people. You'd think they would hold the plane for 5 minutes since they knew people were coming in from SJ. The SJ->LV flight was delayed since the oxygen mask for the pilot was defective. I normally would have had about an hour in LV, but instead I had an 8 hour layover and got to take the redeye back to Boston.

This week is another interview with another Linux company. Time to see who makes the better deal. I don't think I'll go wrong either way. But wish me luck.

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