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by Enigma0498 (#33962822) Attached to: US Elections Dominated By Closed Source. Again.
The Belgian government publishes the source code of its voting machines after each election: You still need dedicated hardware (which basically is an antique Pentium 1, 4 megs of RAM, some serial interfaces, a lightpen interface and a magnetic card reader)

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by Enigma0498 (#28252461) Attached to: Software Bug Adds 5K Votes To Election

How do you know this system is fraud free? Reading your comment doesn't convince me one bit. I voted too, in the Netherlands, and for the first time in years I had to use a pencil again. No guarantee that there are no counting errors, but they won't be systematic on a large scale.

The Belgian government publishes the source code of the voting software the moment the bureaus close. The software of yesterday's election can be found here:

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