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Journal Journal: Howdy again, LAMERS! 1

Do people actually READ these things? Holy crap. Don't you have something better to do?

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Journal Journal: Howdy, Slashdot lamers!

Looks like people are looking through the journal section. Whoops! Buhlennium is dead, dead, dead. I simply don't care anymore! I do write about myself and things I care about (yes, I'm that self-centred) both here and here.

That's it. :-P

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Journal Journal: Whoa, Slashdot has a journal section? When'd that happen???


I feel stupid--I didn't realize until today that Slashdot had a journal function.

Well, hell, kuro5hin is down, Adequacy is lame--so here goes nuttin'.

Lately, what's been fascinating me is GTK pixmap themes, and more specifically, how to make GTK themes that look identical in their native environment and on KDE apps. I've got one that I rather like, buhlennium, and while I'm not done with either it or the IceWM theme of the same name, I'm already working on a complement to another IceWM theme (not by me) called Cross.

And I'm butting my head against problems...dammit.

Are there any good docs on the GTK pixmap theme? No, and considering who the original author was, they'd probably look soemthing liek thsi if tehy exitsed. Is the KDE Legacy style a perfect copy? No, and as far as I'm concerned, it's not even a very good KDE style. For whatever reason, menus take their color scheme from buttons...weird...

Anyway, short of hacking on theme engines myself, I'm working on workarounds, and I can't figure it out. I'm not wanting to theme everything, just highlighted menu items, buttons, scrollbars, etc. I managed to use a default PNG for GTK apps to set the color, but for whatever reason, that caused miscellaneous things like, say, XChat or the GIMP's JPEG plugin to crash.

To have a look at what I'm working toward, look here.

Damn it...anyone know how I can get GTK and KDE apps to look like they're playing nice together? ;-)

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