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Comment Old way 5th Amendment; New Way I do not recall (Score 1) 560

Remember the Oliver North trial where he kept on saying "Upon the advice of counsel I am pleading the Fifth" - that was the 80's way to not incriminate worrisome because if you are pleading the Fifth there is something you can be incriminate for. Now you just follow Alberto Gonzales (US Attorney General) stating "I do not recall" that way you don't have to worry about 5th amendment protection, you just have a bad memory.

Comment Formatting German Legal Documents (Score 1) 310

I wrote a program from an inner room with no windows in a office building in Chicago. (ok, not that weird) I was creating Perl scripts to format German Legal Documents. (getting stranger), I had not previously programmed in Perl (everyone has to start somewhere I guess), I do not speak or read German. (makes the requirements a little weird)

Comment Boss that comes through the walls at you (Score 2) 251

I played through Decent and Decent 2. Decent 2 had the helper that would help you navigate through the mazes. (Find power-up, find key, find goal, find boss). I like the idea of a end-boss that chips away at the environment around you as you try to fire and dodge. I also played both Decent:Freespace (1 and 2) games and thought they were the best PC space fighter games created.

Comment Re:Yeah? So? (Score 1) 487

Base 12 works better than base 10 for doing simple fractions. since 12 is divisible by 1,2,3,4,6 and 10 is divisible by 1,2,5. Every time you measure something in metric that isn't exactly half you end up with decimal point strangeness. Measuring a yard of fabric into 6 pieces is 6, 6 inch pieces. In the metric world you have 6, pieces.

Also 1 foot is a very usable length, there is too much of a gap between meter and centimeter, do metric countries even use the decimeter? Would you describe me (6'4") as 19.4 decimeters tall?

Comment Staying in the Past (Score 1) 538

I tried Windows 7, it was supposed to work on my machine and it did, assuming that I never wanted to listen to any sounds or connect to the Internet. The drivers do not exist for my WiFi or on board sound. Other than those two faults it ran flawlessly. I'll keep XP until I have to upgrade, I was the same with Win98SE as well.

Comment Just after the Superbowl too... (Score 1) 375

In the beginning a medium amount of people know about Hulu, an even smaller amount of people know about Boxee.
Then a minute long add with Alec Baldwin shows up in the middle of the superbowl telling people that they can watch most of their programs anytime they want too through a website called Hulu.
Now a lot of people now know about Hulu, and think that this is nice but They'd rather watch it on my television. They start looking into other ways to do this and now more people know about Boxee.
Now the content providers notice they are losing viewer share to themselves, and force Hulu to stop Boxee from taking their TV viewer share.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 376

How do people with a pay per MB plan deal with auto-updaters?
I disable any updater that starts with windows some of the worst offenders are
- realPlayer
- Adobe Acrobat
- Java
I stopped using realPlayer (now using RealAlternative) and Adobe (now using Foxit Reader) because each time it was updated there were more autorunning update programs.

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