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Submission + - Source for how good a company is to work for?

Elros writes: Is there a good online source (ideally user-driven) that rates how good a tech company is to work for? A lot of real information about a company's culture and work environment isn't available until at least the interview if not some time in to working there.

Comment Re:States Rights (Score 2) 665

Then fulfill your responsibility for your child's education and quit outsourcing it to someone you find unsatisfactory.

Note that I say the same to anyone on any side of this debate (and a few others). If you don't find your child's current teachers/school/curriculum satisfactory than get up off your ass and give them the education you deem proper.

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Submission + - Corning readies 20% thinner Gorilla Glass->

alphadogg writes: Corning said at CES in Las Vegas that it is shipping samples of an updated version of its popular Gorilla Glass product, that will allow smartphone and tablet screens to be 20% thinner at the same strength. While the space saved will work out to only about 0.1 mm in most smartphones, for example, it will provide additional benefits such as greater visibility and less resistance for touch-sensing components, said David Velasquez, head of marketing for the glass. Mass production is to begin in the first half of this year.
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Comment Re:Openbox (Score 1) 357

Exactly. 13 years is half my life and I've used a computer nearly every day of the last 13 years. For the last 9, I've been on the computer more than half the day.

Granted, the AC does have a point. Find what interface you like and use it. Most of my computers have different interfaces due to the different tasks they are used for.

Comment Re:Of course it does (Score 1) 1797

As I am from the USA (Missouri) I am well aware of the state of our primary and secondary education systems. Fixing our High Schools would be one of those other changes that are necessary. When I see people entering an Electrical Engineering department that can't do basic algebra, it is quite clear that we have a problem.

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