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Comment: Screen resolution (Score 1) 564

by Elentar (#43437753) Attached to: Why PC Sales Are Declining

Just look at screen resolution - laptops 4-5 years ago reached the peak resolution of what average machines were coming with. Low-end models were usually 1280x800 with many models offering 1440x900 resolution for a modest increase in price.

Now nearly every single laptop made offers only a 1366x768 screen, which is less vertical pixels than people were getting affordably 5 years ago. Those laptops that do offer higher resolution go straight up to 1920x1080, which many people find too small, and at a significant cost increase. And both of these are 16:9 screens, reducing even further the valuable vertical resolution that is additionally consumed by menu bars, system trays, and application launchers.

The simple fact is that there is only a single hardware manufacturer still making laptops with 16:10 screens, and it's Apple. Everyone else is producing small expensive portable televisions with computers attached.

Nobody I know wants to upgrade because it means sacrificing the graphical experience they want.

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