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Comment: Re:Hardly an issue these days (Score 3, Informative) 182

by ElberethZone (#43587941) Attached to: Spain's Extremadura Starts Move To GNU/Linux, Open Source
Not like my 80 millions € SOA project were they had the "clever" idea to create a .Net front-end to the web-services instead of a web-application... The worst thing in this case is that they needed to have the front-end available to third parties which cannot run .Net. Their solution: Citrix remote access... :( Architecture at his best.

Comment: Re:Cool - no hardware hack required (Score 2) 127

by ElberethZone (#34827204) Attached to: FreeBSD Running On PS3
Well you also need a PS3 which stills have OtherOS functionality (fat model AND firmware 3.21 maximum).
If you do have a fat PS3 with later firmwares (current is 3.55) then you will need to downgrade with usb dongle (or equivalent like psfServiceMod for some HTC phones).
You can also wait for the promised AsBestOS hack that should bring back OtherOS style support to the current firmwares.

So it was a cool hack until Sony decided to remove OtherOS support to avoid hacks (and this did not worked as expected for them...).

Comment: Re:Not only that (Score 1) 430

by ElberethZone (#31893002) Attached to: Ubisoft DRM Problems Remain Unsolved

From what I heard from an Ubisoft employee, AC2 and Silent Hunter were not using the full potential of the DRM scheme because it was added late in the dev phase.

For Settlers 7 it apparently uses it fully: most of the game economics processing is done on the server. A crack is still possible but that would mean recreate the economics engine completely by analyzing the answers from the official server.

Very sad DRM, I already stated to this guy that I wanted to buy AC2 to play it but that I will not (and I won't pirate it either). I just consider Ubisoft games as non existing until that crazy DRM is removed (which won't happen I guess).

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