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Comment: Re:Face-to-Face Communication Matters (Score 1) 133

That's interesting. In retrospect, did you figure out what aspect of the communication was a barrier in the remote case that wasn't a barrier in the in person case (e.g. whiteboards)? Did you have video, shared whiteboards, shared document editing in the remote case?

Comment: Re:You Can't Fix It (Score 1) 133

Sure you can, but it's easier to catch it early and nip it in the bud.

Design reviews. Code reviews. Senior people mentoring junior people. Pair programming if you must. Refactoring. I've had to have juniors I was mentoring go back and rework something that was lame.

It's not like people have never heard of these things right?

Comment: Re:Skype is for children. (Score 1) 133

Meh. I've been working remotely for 17 years. Video call is good enough versus coming into the office, particularly for one on one conversations. Chain of emails or in person are not the only options.

At this point we can communicate via multi person video, voice, shared document editing, shared whiteboards, chat, etc. The real challenge IMHO is getting people to embrace these new-ish tools rather than being stuck in, "the way we've always done things".

I've never understood why people seem to feel that connecting via Skype / Hangouts / whatever is more trouble than getting up and walking over to someone's office... It seems like more of a social hangup.

Comment: Re:So they just reinvented Pogoplug? (Score 1) 94

by El Rey (#48158605) Attached to: Eggcyte is Making a Pocket-Sized Personal Web Server (Video)

I'm not saying you should. I have a Pogoplug that I bought for $20 on clearance and put Arch Linux on it. It works fine as a light web server for static pages and file sharing.

I'm just saying it's not exactly an original idea and the hardware is more expensive than other plug computers. The hardware only Pogoplug (i.e. before they added cloud storage) didn't seem to have great success and I'm not seeing anything in this product that is so different than the original Pogoplug concept that seems like it would be a game changer in the space.

From looking at their website for about 30 seconds, it looks like for the $50/year you also get "unlimited" cloud storage and some backup software. Might be worth it from that aspect but I haven't priced cloud storage / backup lately since all of the free offers out there cover my needs at the moment.

Comment: Re:Refutation is of main point (Score 1) 333

by El Rey (#46342817) Attached to: How Mobile Apps Are Reinventing the Worst of the Software Industry

what works better for REAL PEOPLE. Which is not the technical elite.

Technical elite != homo sapien? No need to dehumanize the technical elite.

Still getting updates for my iPhone 4, bought at launch... or heck even my 3Gs.

If historical data is any guide, then 7 years from now I'll still be getting OS updates for the $250 laptop I buy today, but not for the $250 tablet I buy today. It hasn't even been 7 years since the iPhone 3G was released and it no longer gets updates.

That says more about Android than it does the comparison of modern mobile devices to PCs.

Last time I checked, Android tablets were modern mobile devices.

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