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+ - RMS cancels lectures in Israel->

Eesh writes: .Globes and Haaretz report that Stallman cancelled his plans for lecturing in Israeli universities as part of a visit to the Palestinian Authority due to threats by the Palestinian organizers that they won't be paying for his trip if he does so. Globes write: "Stallman was scheduled to visit Israel in July and to speak at Haifa University, Tel Aviv University and Shenkar College. The Palestinians initiated the visit, but when they understood that Stallman would also be speaking at Israeli universities they told him they would no longer fund the trip. In response, Stallman announced that he would cancel the speaking engagements in Israel, and would be satisfied with visiting the Palestinian Authority regions only."

Original email by RMS and response from the Israeli organizer here; http://hamakor.org.il/pipermail/discussions/2011-May/002978.html

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