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Comment: Re:No, no no (Score 1) 323

by Edotopm (#40653969) Attached to: EA Outs <em>Battlefield 4</em>, Plans To Charge $70 For New Games

Loved the series before it so I preordered. I finally get the game and find it has created the most elitist and troll infested cesspool of a game I've ever encountered. Between the stat padders on Operation Metro and the server admins kicking me for outscoring them, I got fed up. I think the final straw was when forum 'discussions' degenerated into the person with the highest KD ratio automatically being right about everything. The community killed that game.

You're talking about Battlefield 3 - this is news about the upcoming BF4.

Comment: uBI and aCTIVision do it too (Score 0) 323

by Edotopm (#40653927) Attached to: EA Outs <em>Battlefield 4</em>, Plans To Charge $70 For New Games
Both ubi and activision also charge $70 when they know that the game will sell. EU has been the only one that hasn't done this. But now that they will with Battlefield 4, I doubt anyone is going to not buy the game because of that. They want it, they will buy it.

Both uBI and aCTIVIOSION are much worse than EU now, anyway.

Comment: Re:That will never change (Score 1) 71

That's a bad example because it gives you nothing. Make or use a trainer and you can get god mode with one single key press. Now you just switched from commands to commands, the only difference being that it now shows you the command as you write. Was that so huge change?

Comment: Re:That will never change (Score 1) 71

More to the point, how does one turn the god mode on?

You didn't intend to, but you just showed how useless source code is for ordinary users.. Why, you might ask. Let me tell you.

God mode is done much faster by doing it the ordinary way. You either use cheat code or you use the combo of Cheat Engine+Ollydbg to disable functions that decrease health. Both of these things are done much faster this way, and to both open and closed source games. There is no reason for the source code here.

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