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Comment: The Internet as a shake-down racket (Score 1) 133

Under the US Constitution, the people, including in this case corporations, have a right to "petition the government", and that is what these contributions are. They are a way that Comcast makes known to politicians its priorities. People who oppose Comcast's priorities can also contribute and petition the government. Typically, however, those better organized get their way more frequently. The open Internet is over. The Internet has turned into a corporate and profit driven shake-down racket.

Comment: Good to see technology paying off (Score 1) 381

by Edoko (#28018313) Attached to: Spy Satellite Photos Used To Fight Drug Smugglers

Great to see the U.S. government finally using some of its high technology to stop the scourge of drug smuggling and sleazy lawless murdering criminal gangs that have been operating almost without limit along the Southern Border.

The next step: bring in the flying drones to intercept and destroy the shipments.

Comment: Inside Buildings (Score 1) 1188

by Edoko (#27438511) Attached to: Angry Villagers Run Google Out of Town

The same technology can be used to go inside of buildings, such as shopping malls, government offices such as the Driver's License Bureau, courtrooms, or even in public bathrooms, subways, or one's private homes (such as for selling real estate), or on boats, inside museums, and so on. Possibly with similar micro camera, one could go inside a drainage pipe.

The people attacking the Google car probably could be charged with assault under the Common Law.

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