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Comment: Re: Hosting Platform (Score 2) 260

by EdmundSS (#46496949) Attached to: The Era of Facebook Is an Anomaly
Yes, Facebook is the hosting platform, just as email once existed within computers and didn't travel between them. We don't yet have a Social Media Transport Protocol that allows peering between providers, but one day we will, and Facebook will follow AOL & CompuServe to the big walled garden in the sky. But, IMHO, that day is not in the near future.

Comment: The wrong people (Score 5, Insightful) 303

by EdmundSS (#43300739) Attached to: Geeks On a Plane Proposed To Solve Global Tech Skills Crisis
CEOs and VCs are not necessarily the people who have ideas, and if they do, they *already* have the means to express them. I'd rather see 100 respected, talented, peer-voted if necessary, folks on the panel: *true* technocrats, true innovators, not financial folks; people with ideas, sometimes wacky ideas, rather than folks money; the people who turn down a promotion to management because it would take them away from the detailed problem-solving.

Comment: Re: How would you know? (Score 1) 260

So, you only receive a brief flash from the laser, and only have a few rods and cones ablated by the coherent pulse from the laser. That one-second blast has only damaged 0.01% of your vision. Ten years down the line, when half your vision is gone, why would you associate the loss with a laser?

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