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Comment: A collision of stupid (Score 5, Interesting) 1034

Assuming the story is true...

1. The cinema guy is stupid for calling the FBI and escalating the situation way out of hand.

2. The MPAA/FBI are stupid for actually putting time and resources into fighting cam-rips. Absolutely no threat to the industry, as anybody who has tried to watch one knows. Letting pirates have their cam-rips just makes authentic cinemagoing look better.

3. The Glasshole was stupid for sitting in a cinema quite openly pointing a camera at the screen. Glass users appear to have their empathy surgically removed by Google, and are entirely oblivious to any kind of reaction anybody might have to a ubiquitous filming device. Repeating "but it isn't on" as a mantra does nothing to help. Having a face camera redefines your relations with other people and your environment, in an almost entirely negative way. You want to become a surveillance drone? Fine, deal with the social consequences.

I'm normally on the side of the little guy, and against big media throwing its weight around. Glassholes are sufficiently selfish and idiotic for me to momentarily switch sides. I've already written about what a crappy society such people would create:

Comment: Re:Total map size (Score 1) 77

by EdgePenguin (#45744723) Attached to: Billion Star Surveyor 'Gaia' Lifts Off

It will find galaxies, sort of. Gaia doesn't really care what it is looking at, it simply tags every point of light in its field that is bright enough. Things that aren't stars are then to be discarded when the data is processed. There was a recent paper published suggesting that some of these discarded galaxies could be surveyed in order to get even more science value out of Gaia.

Comment: Re:Hope Nasa can help us on that (Score 2) 77

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Given how long it will take to chew through Gaia data (Essentially, as someone starting out in astrophysics, this mission could define much of my working life) there won't be another powerful astrometry mission for a while.

Why are you fixated on having NASA try to one-up ESA though? NASA has its own top end science missions planned, doing other things. If you are lucky and take care of your space agency, so of them might actually fly in space.

Comment: Re:Libertarianism (Score 1) 691

by EdgePenguin (#45739559) Attached to: Why Charles Stross Wants Bitcoin To Die In a Fire

Not long ago I was slamming leftie feminists for comparing criticism of their precious ideology to racism. Now it looks like I'm going to have to turn the guns 180. Ahem...

Are you fucking serious? Are you actually comparing criticism your ideas receive to centuries of antisemitism that culminated (but didn't end) with the Holocaust? Are you that self absorbed? Hang on, you are a libertarian, of course you are.

The fact is, libertarianism is a bad idea. That is why its adherents are over-sensitive and paranoid. Such an idea that cannot be contested on a level playing field probably isn't worth hanging on to.

Comment: Re:The NEVER ending saga of an attention whore. (Score 1) 575

by EdgePenguin (#45691419) Attached to: GitHub Takes Down Satirical 'C Plus Equality' Language

WRT "Schroedinger's rapist", which asserts that women must for their own safety assume men are a threat until they know otherwise, you say:

As for substituting black people, the piece would still work

so basically, you judge people walking towards you on the street by their skin colour? Bloody hell, I've never got that confession so easily out of a social justice warrior before!

Comment: Re:The NEVER ending saga of an attention whore. (Score 0) 575

by EdgePenguin (#45691239) Attached to: GitHub Takes Down Satirical 'C Plus Equality' Language

This is the narrative that goes around; however the truth is far more complicated. You have (I would guess intentionally) left out the real causes for the ire against Watson - not the video about how she doesn't like to be hit on in lifts, but the use of her platform to call other women gender traitors for not agreeing with her, her use of what initially was a minor controversy as a lever to start a politically motivated purge of the skeptic and atheist communities (one that has largely failed thankfully.) Dishonesty such as yours is to be expected from Watson and her followers.

Linking to "Schroedinger's Rapist" is very telling about where your politics lie. Its a truly awful piece of work (just imagine it wasn't about men, it was about black people...) that treats men as guilty until proven innocent and implies they lack any real agency and are just superpositions waiting to collapse into a state of rapist/non-rapist.

Comment: Re:Given the this community's gender troubles... (Score 1, Insightful) 575

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I've shared my observations, been modded up, and had many people in this thread agree with me. Now I know the plural of anecdote is not data, but certainly a mass swell of personal observations is more evidence than nothing at all - which is what you offer.

So why don't YOU produce some evidence, to show this supposed hostile environment against women. Remember, this is the original claim; that the programming community has a specific problem. The sum of evidence for this assertion basically boils down to "Of course it does, stop mansplaining brogrammer!" - do you have anything else to offer? Or are you going to continue to evade and display faux skepticism to cover the fact that you have absolutely NOTHING.

Comment: Re:Given the this community's gender troubles... (Score 3, Insightful) 575

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I have no problem with treating people with respect and dignity, but hard experience has taught me that isn't what "safe space" means. The fact that you categorize any dissent as advocating mistreatment of people (rather than ideas) is quite telling. And no, I don't think women are oppressed in this culture. "Oppression" is a word with serious connotations. People in China are oppressed. People in Iran are oppressed. Middle class, educated women in well paid comfortable jobs don't get to use that word, and still be taken seriously.

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