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Comment: Re:Marketable? (Score 1) 175

by Eddy_D (#48944111) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do I Engage 5th-8th Graders In Computing?
I would amend this to also consider these Minecraft mods;

1) ComputerCraft. Programming turtles in Lua and watching them go can be entertaining..
2) Pneumaticraft. Little arial drones (quadcopters) can be programmed using a very simple modular/graphical programming scheme.

More advanced;
3) Steve's Factory. The programming is more logical and less wordy, but the mod has a steeper learing curve.. and is a bit more boring as nothing moves around...

Comment: UF***D (Score 5, Insightful) 123

by Eddy_D (#47103921) Attached to: <em>Watch Dogs</em> Released, DRM Troubles
I hate UPLAY... so much.

I battled with it on Far Cry 3. I still do not understand why I needed to login to UPLAY *after* I logged into Steam (where I played it from). Wasn't Steam enough of a DRM check for UbiSoft? 2 levels of login really?

AFAIK the original article was about someone who did not even install it correctly.. but still having to require it on top of Steam is just ridiculous.

Comment: The internet is not broken... (Score 1) 162

by Eddy_D (#46994805) Attached to: The Internet's Broken. Who's Going To Invent a New One?
If anything, the ISPs are broken, in that they see no justification in expanding their bandwidth as there is no profit in it. True that IPv4 has reached saturation, however that rolls into the ISPs attitudes (including wireless carriers) who are sitting on the fence instead of upgrading to IPv6. It all comes down to the bottom line... there is no profit in going to IPv6 for them.

Comment: Re:NAT (Score 1) 574

by Eddy_D (#46271835) Attached to: Whatever Happened To the IPv4 Address Crisis?
Not a bother to you maybe...

In my work I find GSM carrier NAT infrastructure to be very annoying. Firmware running on the phone must be aware of a "use it or lose it" mentality in the carrier, in my experience this is usually around 15 minutes for TCP, then the NAT hardware flushes your route and it effectively disappears (breaking the protocol). UDP is even shorter.

In systems which must be bi-directional, this issue of keeping the connection alive is a concern, not so much for the phone but for the server which may be sending data back to the phone sporadically. It also forces the phone firmware to perform the initial connect, so useful server-based utilities are hard to put on the phone without modifying them.

IPv6 would (likely) provide a static IP address on the phone resolving all of these issues and providing better support for downstream communications from a base to the phone(s).

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