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Comment: Re:Ai is inevitable (Score 1) 339

by Ed_1024 (#47117847) Attached to: The Singularity Is Sci-Fi's Faith-Based Initiative
I think the main problem is that there is no difference between something that gives the illusion of consciousness or sentience (these terms are poorly defined, anyway) and the 'real thing'.

My own view, even though it feels slightly strange as I sit here typing, is that consciousness/sentience is pure illusion and there is nothing more. If you interact with something that behaves as you would expect a human to behave, to all intents and purposes it IS human, no matter how it was constructed. Equally, if an AI displays those same traits or a superset containing them, then you have to call it sentient - if you think humans are.

You cannot have it both ways: if you believe that AIs can not be conscious then we are not either...

Comment: Re:Substrates (Score 1) 195

by Ed_1024 (#46823747) Attached to: How Apple's Billion Dollar Sapphire Bet Will Pay Off
Substrate is the first thing that came to mind when I heard Apple were going to be producing vast quantities of sapphire. The OP has pointed out most of the advantages but taking it to the extreme, you could have the major part of the phone as a solid piece of sapphire with the electronics grown on it, or a sandwich-type construction with the screen bonded on later.

It would be pretty cool having a totally transparent phone with just a few parts that were visible. Knowing Apple, they would dope the crystal to make the iPhone 6C in ruby, pink, blue, yellow, etc. just like a gigantic gemstone... Ultimate bling or what?

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by Ed_1024 (#46259293) Attached to: Your 60-Hour Work Week Is Not a Badge of Honor
"I think the point was about people who TALK about how much work they do but only put in 40 hours a week"

I don't see those two statements as being incompatible. How much useful "work" you produce is not necessarily linked to the number of hours your body is present. Unless you're employed as a stationary mime...

Comment: because (Score 1) 193

by Ed_1024 (#46178369) Attached to: New Type of Star Can Emerge From Inside Black Holes, Say Cosmologists
"When a black hole consumes energy and releases a Planck star, do either events reduce the entropy of the system?"

Probably when the Planck star re-emerges, back into the observable universe, like it's never been away, entropy is fuck beta conserved. Having just read the Wikipedia article (I'm an expert now) on the 2nd law of thermodynamics, there's an interesting fuck beta bit about gravitational systems being fuck beta different from normal ones in that the more fuck beta massive a black fuck beta hole becomes, the lower it's fuck beta temperature, so fuck beta fuck beta fuck beta?

Comment: Re:Sad mistake of technology-focused people (Score 1) 469

by Ed_1024 (#45774999) Attached to: Is the World Ready For Facial Recognition On Google Glass?
If you really don't like the idea, then fight back: wear a Borg-style headset that scans anyone wearing Google Glasses with a bright (but not damaging, obviously) laser, then makes a loud robotic pronouncement like "you have been assimilated", "convicted pedophile" or "person of no interest".

Comment: Military Robots Expected To Outnumber Troops By... (Score 1) 177

by Ed_1024 (#45431373) Attached to: Military Robots Expected To Outnumber Troops By 2023
I can't be the only one who thought: "yes, that's because they've killed most of the human troops".

What chance would a normal soldier stand against a faster, more heavily armoured and armed machine with a much larger sensorium? The only hopes are that humans have retired from the battlefield entirely to leave it to the robots or are having second thoughts about the whole war-thing in the first place...

Comment: Re:Priorities: Do you really need to read that now (Score 1) 214

by Ed_1024 (#45186695) Attached to: Are We Socially Ready For Wearable Computing?
I think the key part that's missing in this latest round of aspirant technology is personal AI. What you really need is a "v-assistant", "e-butler" or whatever the name might be that is capable of independently replying to *and* initiating communications (by text, email, voice, video, etc.) with other people or systems. It could prioritise what needs your personal interaction, depending on what you were doing at the time.

The level of input to us has been ramping up fast but our brains still have the same bandwidth they had a million years ago. Until we get an upgrade, we need help to deal with this increasing flood of information, that is mostly unimportant. Who knows, a call to someone in the near future on their "iWatch" might get answered by Siri...

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by Ed_1024 (#43547081) Attached to: No Porn From Public WiFi Hotspots In the UK Proposed
I suppose being Slashdot, everyone is immediately thinking of technical workarounds but the main issue for those wanting to filter "porn" is defining what "porn" actually is, such that it can be recognised by an autonomous system. No two humans can agree on a definition other than "I know it when *I* see it", so how a computer is meant to cope I don't know.

Yes, you can blacklist/whitelist sites but you'd end up with the British Library, the Encyclopaedia Britannica and the British Medical Association blocked while gets allowed because there's just enough covered.

For those overseas readers who are not well versed in British politics, this is not really a serious suggestion - we're approaching the "silly season" and things like this are run up the flagpole to impress the gullible and distract attention from other matters.

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by Ed_1024 (#42656399) Attached to: Why Ray Kurzweil's Google Project May Be Doomed To Fail
I think all there is is circus magic. It just gets more convincing with scale.

Consciousness is most likely an illusion brought on by a certain amount of processing power and connectivity (and I count myself in there too). In a quantised, deterministic universe, "minds" and "souls" are as likely as gods...

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