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Comment: Re:Need a different monitor (Score 1) 691

by Earplugs (#10369443) Attached to: Does Your LCD Play Catch-Up To Your Mouse?
First off, their is always a lag on LCDs vs CRTs (though not that bad), hence why they aren't used for video editing generally, many gamers don't like them, etc... If upon changing drivers, video cards, whatever, or testing it on another system (btw, perhaps the card is having issues with the dual monitors??? I doubt the two are connected via an RGBHV splitter or da.), just have them replace it. Remember, you get 30 days full satisfaction no questions asked; they know you can just return it if it has a Dell logo, so they're going to try to help you out before biting the cost of having to take back a monitor and refund the money.

Second, I've had the 20" Dell FP for a long time (2+ years) and never had a real problem. I had one stuck pixel and had the screen replaced AND $100 refunded. Same goes for over 30 or 40 systems I've ever had from Dell for home or coprorate use, reliable parts, quick no-hassle service. So if you guys are saying that it's substandard, going to hell, or whatever, either you happened to get a bad piece of equipment/employee, or you didn't try hard enough (which isn't very hard might I add) to get a NEW replacement sent out to you. Just ask for a supervisor and you'll be transfered back into the states.

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