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Comment: Re:Visual Studio replacement on Linux (Score 1) 310

by EagleEye101 (#30845100) Attached to: What Tools Do FLOSS Developers Need?
This is very true for earlier versions of eclipse. It was slow, crashed all the time, and hung up for no apparent reason. On top of that its their plugin manager was beyond subpar. But recent releases seem to fix most (if not all) of the serious problems I saw and its very usable now. But as always the more ram you through at a java program the better it runs and im using 4 gigs which I think probably makes a big difference too.

Comment: This is stupid (Score 5, Insightful) 451

by EagleEye101 (#28855657) Attached to: Real-World Consequences of Social Networking Posts
I dont blame the lady for complaining. Mold is dangerous stuff and a lot of landlords dont care. My sister bought a house with undisclosed mold (illegal here in maryland) and it looks like the realitor is going to get away with it because shes a teacher who just invested her money into a house so she can not afford legal fees.These are sketchy people and deserve to be put in a bad light.

+ - SpaceX Falcon 9 - Flight 1 Update-> 1

Submitted by
Matt_dk writes "Engine testing for the inaugural Falcon 9 flight proceeds at a rapid pace with no major problems or concerns. Six of the nine first stage flight engines have completed acceptance testing and all nine flight engines are on schedule to complete acceptance testing by mid July. Since that time, our RP-1 system has become operational, the cryogenic Liquid Oxygen handling system is nearing completion, and we have completed construction of our horizontal vehicle integration hangar. The Transporter Erector is getting reassembled into flight configuration and will be back into system level testing in mid-July."
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