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Comment Re:Require that patents be defended (Score 1) 134

And what about if the cost to entry of the concept is too high for the individual? A large corp could just sit and wait till the "implementation" period expired and then grab the idea. How long do you have to get to the "use" period before you lose the patent?

No, the issue is that patents are granted for stupid, unoriginal things. If only good, unique ideas were allowed then this would not be the same issue.

Comment Re:!education (Score 1) 93

Considering pretty much all OTA TV in the US is MPEG2 Transport Streams, saying that MPEG2 is not used anymore is a bit of an overstep. Anyone wanting to build out a PVR using a backend that captures without realtime transcoding needs to have the MPEG2 codec bundle.

All that being said, a couple bucks extra for that optional functionality is hardly an issue.

Comment Re:I'm glad, now, ... (Score 3, Insightful) 116

It certainly depends on the use case. Datacenter power and rack space is expensive. If your cost is $100 / month for the additional power and rack for your extra server the vmware package starts to make sense. But yeah, when you get all the bells and whistles VMware can get crazy expensive.

Comment Mixed feelings... (Score 4, Insightful) 591

Ultimately I believe that the court ruled incorrectly here. The way this should have been handled is that the court should have ruled based on the law as written. The thing is, if our political system wasn't so messed up it would have never reached the supreme court. Congress would have simply fixed the law itself to clarify the actual intent and life would have gone on. Although it is pretty clear what the intent was in this circumstance I think it is dangerous to allow for that broad of discretion for the judicial branch.

Comment Re:2 factor authentication would have. (Score 1) 142

Two factor and split responsibility for admins: i.e. the nuclear launch methodology.

Encrypt the database and split the keystore password between multiple groups. i.e. group 1 has the first 10 characters, group 2 the next 10, group 3 the last 10. Then you need at least collaboration between the three groups to access the dataset in its entirety. Make the data accessible via a UI that is limited in scope for record retrieval and auditable. Then encryption would have been the answer to their issue.

Comment Re:Just block them (Score 2) 130

You don't know how the software is being used. Maybe it is Apache's commons-net which has a vulnerability in the FTP client while my software only uses the SMB client. Maybe the next revision up has API changes that break compatibility.
In the ideal world everything would be kept up to date but time is a finite resource and if there is not a compelling reason to update it seems silly to waste time on it.

Comment More context needed (Score 1) 128

Without additional context I would say "So what?".

Questions that need answering:
- Can end user change the default password?
- Do installation best practices from manufacturer dictate to change the default password?
- Who performs the installation and maintains the devices?

Without answers to these it is hard to say whether the issue lies with the manufacturer, the reseller or the end user.

Comment Re:Missing the point. (Score 2) 330

I don't disagree that gas cars have certain disadvantages but Teslas would meet probably (and I am just throwing this out there) 95% of driving needs. They have a range of 200-270 miles per charge which doesn't cover the cross country trip but is certainly good enough for the daily commute and even a ~4 hour trip to out of state friends house. If the Tesla was $10,000 I bet that 50% of cars on the road would be a Tesla.

There is only two driving trips in the past three years that a Tesla would not worked well for with my family. Maybe we would have one gas car and one electric, although at $10,000 I would just use the money saved to fly us instead.

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