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Comment Business As Usual (Score 3) 113

I'm surprised how this is actually news, every government keeps dossiers on foreign government officials in a database. There have been reports of nefarious web crawling data collecting networks for years, many tracked back to government owned networks. Do you think the personal data the FBI gets from prosecuting hackers is actually thrown away, no they add it to their database.

Comment Networked car will never be secure (Score 1) 39

The reality is as soon as you add apps and a network connection you need a login. As soon as you have a login you have a huge security problem. Imagine some mechanic saving all the login details for cars he has on a system then hackers break into the poorly secured computer and before you know it they can now break into a few hundred cars network interface. So unless you have some complex multi layered security setup securing a car connected to a public network is pure fantasy. At the end of the day the best security is no connection at all with no local or remote login allowed. So if the hackers want to break into the car they will have to physically connect to the cars management system.

Comment Re:Why do I get the funny feeling that (Score 1) 265

Well with more and more companies worried about security breaches and the inability to audit deployed code for back doors I dare say Microsoft has a logical and very marketable reason for supporting OpenSSH and the OpenBSD foundation. The marketing guys can sell openssh as an open and proven secure feature although supported by Microsoft is developed as a separate entity. Think about it, you can't even buy a CISCO router now without worrying about the thing having NSA/Chinese/Unknown Spook Organisation having back door in the thing any more. There are now small companies building switches from scratch and offering the customers the option to install their own code or even compile it themselves then install it (usually some BSD or Linux toolset) as it is the only way of knowing your routers have not been compromised.

Comment Re:Is this the team that... (Score 1) 71

still hasn't got font scaling to work in Windows 8.*. Microsoft worries so much about the so called big picture that they cant fix simple things like making the fonts in their default apps auto size correctly. A great example is the weather app, in the hourly forecast section the text header reads as "Hourly Forec" were I should see "Hourly Forecast". It is little things like this that are making Microsoft look like fools when Apple do see these so called visual errors as being a serious fuck up. Guys fix all the little things before worrying about the big picture because there will be no money to finance the big picture at the rate you are going.

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