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Comment People Love Getting Rewarded (Score 1) 1825

I used to love posting to comments on Engadget years ago because your up votes got added to your overall community score. This enticed me to be more involved with the community thus more screen views. Engadget changed ownership and they removed this feature and ever since I have lost interest. So what I am suggesting is every time someone gets +5 votes irrespective of the final tally of up or down votes ie controversial comments you get a [STAR ICON] 1 score next to your name. The reward part of this is accumulating points by interacting with the slashdot community more thus getting a higher and higher score. This would also entice people to port more relevant comments and even controversial ones.

Comment Re:Nexus aren't satisfactory (Score 1) 179

with the newer releases of android you can use your SD storage "as ram". To implement this feature in a consumer market a removable SD card would be considered a negative (people bricking their phones when they removed the sd card). Also with services like google driver/dropbox one has little if any reason to remove an SD card any more (I haven't removed mine in well over a year). Also I carry a wireless 480mb portable hardisk (basically large 2.5" SD hardisk with a wifi router in the same case) for those times I want a large data cache on the move.

Comment Re:Another day, another Android security hole (Score 5, Insightful) 39

This is also why I only have a Nexus, most of these security issues are with third party android handsets with most never getting timely updates (Google really needs to fix this issue). I buy a Nexus for the same reason you get an iphone, up_to_date_security_patches. Yes many of you will say "but, but you can use xyz third party android roms and they don't have this issue". The issue with that is android is now mainstream so 98% of android device owners do not have the ability or the knowledge to change the firmware. The fix is simple, Google needs to start enforcing better security policies on companies who want too use the Google android(tm) brand. People are just going to get sick of not having updates and move to GASP! Windows or Apple.

Comment Back door for Criminals (Score 1) 251

The issue politicians forget is when you add back doors to devices you are also adding a back door for criminals and other foreign entities. The reality is government departments are rubbish at securing information for an extended period and once the information is out every criminal and foreign government now has a free pass to all your citizens private information. Also just saying there is a back door alerts criminals and they will start looking for that back door.

Comment Re:It's not surprising (Score 2) 141

when anyone mentions MBA's it reminds me of the ABC Australia Background Briefing podcast about how an MBA has no real relationship to good management. So much so many large innovative companies now view an MBA as a bit of a joke.


Comment Re:Here's my benchmark... (Score 2) 174

I read an article lately where they tested a whole pile of games against different CPU's. The results showed beyond your average 2-3 year old 4 core i5 there is little if any advantage for gamers for spending more money on a CPU. Your average gamer would be better of buying a better graphics card (or two), SSD or motherboard than buying an expensive/new cpu.

Comment Re:Law or morality? (Score 1) 257

I find it amusing that if I had a camera with CNN sticker on it while filming a car being pulled out of the river with bodies in it that's fine. But if I'm a citizen journalist filming the same event on my mobile then posting it on the net now I am immoral for some reason. Even more mental gymnastics in understanding morality in this for me is that big media post video/images on the net as fast as any citizen journalist these days.

Comment Business As Usual (Score 3) 113

I'm surprised how this is actually news, every government keeps dossiers on foreign government officials in a database. There have been reports of nefarious web crawling data collecting networks for years, many tracked back to government owned networks. Do you think the personal data the FBI gets from prosecuting hackers is actually thrown away, no they add it to their database.

Comment Networked car will never be secure (Score 1) 39

The reality is as soon as you add apps and a network connection you need a login. As soon as you have a login you have a huge security problem. Imagine some mechanic saving all the login details for cars he has on a system then hackers break into the poorly secured computer and before you know it they can now break into a few hundred cars network interface. So unless you have some complex multi layered security setup securing a car connected to a public network is pure fantasy. At the end of the day the best security is no connection at all with no local or remote login allowed. So if the hackers want to break into the car they will have to physically connect to the cars management system.

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