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Comment: Re:Now we'll finally get proof of (Score 1) 134

by E.I.A (#37826588) Attached to: Rendering Synthetic Objects Into Old Photographs
Alright, this is it. My final farewell to /. and a big FUCK YOU to those who continually mod me as a "troll" every time I apply political humor. Yes, you can fuck off and have your sterilized (lovy Govy) comments to your selves, you sockpuppet cunts. I can only say in parting that you are doing no favors to anyone by censoring comments, and for that time will tell. Here is my /. suicide. And once again, FUCK YOU.

Comment: Now we'll finally get proof of (Score 0) 134

by E.I.A (#37815350) Attached to: Rendering Synthetic Objects Into Old Photographs
everything? Watch as the White House now releases proof of Osama vs Seals and all sorts of other strange things. I can already see Mohamed hovering over the USS Carl Vinson in approval, down to the fine woolen fibres of the flying carpet. Fiction will now be a fair contestant to reality.

Comment: Guy Fawkes for iMother of the Year (Score 1) 481

by E.I.A (#37803928) Attached to: Anonymous Hackers Take Down Child Porn Websites
Guy/s, Do you have any plans for Distributed Daycare online Services yet? . ...Also, I'm not insinuating anything here - but something about J. Bieber just doesn't seem right. You may want to look into that as well...just a hunch. I mean, it could be an innocent infant stuffed into a large plastic doll, and if so, it must be saved immediately. Sincerely, Anonymous

Comment: Re:Whose fat? (Score 1) 206

by E.I.A (#37786076) Attached to: Fat Replaces Oil In F-16s
Not that I couldn't mod that as "off topic", but I'd be more inclined toward "insightful". Without replying to all the details - for which I sympathize and mostly agree - I can only say: All the woes you've mentioned (save death) could be solved with a financial equivalent much less than that of a single flight's worth of fuel, whether it be jet-fuel, or any sort of propulsive fat. Yet struggle as you will, and pay taxes as thou must; who's fat is it really that they are using? More than a billion dollars per day? Seems they've got our bones too. While China passively occupies Africa, South America and other nations with offerings of non-interference and mutual benefit, the US still plays IMF, and our military sets up unproductive bases everywhere it can. This is is pure cost and close to no benefit for anyone but contractors and soldiers, and maybe a few locals who get their money (an exclusive economy). I support good military, but not the abuse or over extension of it, and again express my contempt for the superfluous funding of war and gross neglect of our national infrastructure. Anyway, thanks again for the thoughtful response, and all the best with the PhD!

Comment: Re:Acronyms (Score 1) 578

by E.I.A (#37785818) Attached to: TSA Doing Random Truck Searches On Tennessee Highway
Soon, none other than the source itself. Apparently, even satire of such acronyms may soon be forbidden under law: The terms do seem terribly vague, and protection under satire law (frxx speech) have surely been an annoyance for those who are most susceptible to it (satire). There's nothing like an iron fist to smash the mouth of intelligence.

Comment: Suspicious Activity? (Score 1) 578

by E.I.A (#37785224) Attached to: TSA Doing Random Truck Searches On Tennessee Highway
Ohh, ooh,Count me in! ...First, I wanna report that mathematically, the amount of effort and funding involved in countering domestic terrorism is alarmingly disproportionate to the actual threat. I have reason to believe the Bureaucracy has been infiltrated by econo-terrorists, and paranoid authoritarians. The fact that one has an enormously greater chance of being fatally stricken by a substandard driver than a bomb-harboring truck suggests that someone in the TSA is at least hostile to math - if not common sense. Second, I wish to report that unreasonable punishments for victimless/consensual crimes are suspiciously causing more harm than mitigation; I think this must be investigated. I also wish to make a confession: I think public safety is more important than awarding private contractors and private prisons, and that liberties should not be used as currency to fund a police state. I hope that helps, and please don't mess with my grandma's diaper; she's really not a terrorist, I swear.

Comment: Re:Craigslist? (Score 1) 655

by E.I.A (#37784774) Attached to: Legal Tender? Maybe Not, Says Louisiana Law
"It took FEMA 5 days to get potable water to the Superdome." ... And it would have taken Walmart, and several other sources who tried, about 1 day - that is, if they had not been turned away by FEMA. I think Katrina could just as easily be used as yet more evidence to highlight that something is exceedingly foul in that state. While I am kind of in-between on the two contesting comments here, I'll at least say a few more things things. No hurricanes - just education. Fuck Louisiana. Let's use hatred sparingly. And finally, if he does fall from the motorcycle, I hope it is stationary, and merely to catch a falling beer. Cheers, and don't tread on me.

Comment: Re:Whose fat? (Score 1) 206

by E.I.A (#37784506) Attached to: Fat Replaces Oil In F-16s
Thanks for reconsidering it. I speak (write) what I think, and in a (our) dynamically saturated current state of (strange) affairs, it sometimes comes out a bit odd. Part of the sarcasm is based in my contempt (yes, contempt) for excessive military spending, and a slight aversion to killing machines (unless used on actual *confirmed* enemies). I am an indebted student myself, so self deprecation is fair enough. And yes, I do think the US is heading directly in the direction of fascism, though I do not intend to argue the subject here, or troll, or anything other than hint at it in passing as I often do. I also might add that such "nutjobs" if actually listened to, might have more to say than some expect, but I am sure I am just as wrong as I may be right. Anyway, I don't care what fuel F16s use, so long as they stay away from the innocent, and the source isn't (potential) food or civilians ;)

Comment: Re:Whose fat? (Score 1) 206

by E.I.A (#37769686) Attached to: Fat Replaces Oil In F-16s
Are you referring to me as a troll? Any reason? My response was a sincere application of my own sense of humor. It is odd that any time I mention something about "sensitive" gov-related topics, I get trolled by ...trolls? Look at my comment history and see what evidence of trolling you can find. Perhaps you have "good" intentions, but throwing "troll" at everything you disagree with or fail to understand is a bit stupid. Anyway, I'm the /. community values your OCD housekeeping. Keep up the "good" work. - Not a troll

Comment: Whose fat? (Score 1) 206

by E.I.A (#37768760) Attached to: Fat Replaces Oil In F-16s
With objective journalists, activists, and Ron Paul supporters all going on fusion-center/DHS/FBI watch-lists, there might soon be a surplus. Maybe instead of a debtors prison, they'll just squeeze out some fat from all the pizza-stuffed college students who can't pay their loans. Or - considering the success of the "Freedom Fry" anomaly - perhaps patriotism can be exploited to encourage voluntary liposuction. I'm sure a good 20 minute Fox broadcast could inspire millions.

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