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Comment: ET Christianity (Score 1) 534

by E++99 (#48038899) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

"Weintraub also identified two religions – Mormonism and Seventh-day Adventism – whose theology embraces extraterrestrials."

Swedenborgianism is a another brand of Christianity that embraces extraterrestrials. Swedenborg wrote about conversations he had with the spirits of extraterrestrials where they told him about their worlds and cultures.

Comment: Re:Deniers are too stupid to read -- prove me wron (Score 1) 661

The question isn't whether "CO2 causes warming" but whether a change from 290 to 330 ppm in the troposphere can be the cause of a measurable change in the heat content of troposphere. Since it's all so trivial, I'm curious whether your undergraduate text explains why increased CO2 concentration in the stratosphere causes the stratosphere to loose heat.

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