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Comment: Re:Yiu haven't answered my question. (Score 1) 393

by Dynedain (#47932115) Attached to: Is the Tesla Model 3 Actually Going To Cost $50,000?

You can do this pretty easily, and I'm sure Tesla has done the math already for you (assuming you take them at their word).

1) Take lifetime costs for your typical car in a similar price range (so you can assume parts and service costs are equitable).
2) Check Tesla's fluid replacement schedule - much longer intervals, and much fewer fluids to replace. Only user-serviceable fluid is the windshield washer. Everything else is effectively sealed like a VW transmission.
3) Subtract anything involving drivetrain maintenance or rebuilds.
4) Subtract anything involving replaceable parts (hoses, belts, sparkplugs, filters, etc) as the Tesla has extremely few equiavlent parts
5) Subtract anything involving engine maintenance or rebuild.
6) Subtract anything involving exhaust maintenance. Don't forget smog checks!
7) Subtract out traditional battery replacements - you'll be accounting for it below in the battery swap - no double counting!
8) Keep tires and brakes the same, as that doesn't change.
10) You can leave in the alternator. In fact, double it, because you have regenerative braking system to account for.
11) Add a battery swap if you think it's needed - but be fair, and make sure your gasoline-equivalent lifetime goes as far as the lifetime of the Tesla *after* the battery is swapped. eg - if the swap is at 100K miles, make sure to set the lifetime of both cars to 200K miles to cover the full useful life of 1 battery swap. Don't forget to include any "core" credits for recycling that massive battery back.

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by Dynedain (#47813359) Attached to: New HTML Picture Element To Make Future Web Faster


Except I have never seen a web client that handles JPG this way. Not a single one will stop at target resolution, and will continue to load until they have all the bytes of the image. Furthermore, there's plenty of reasons to download the full image size. Perhaps the image needs to resize dynamically after being loaded. Perhaps I rotated my device from portrait to landscape and now I need a larger image to fill the space. There's no pause/resume mechanism in the format to handle this, and the resulting interpolation during a resize effect would look horrendous. Oh, and btw, depending on the image contents, progressive format JPG can actually result in larger file sizes than non-progressive. Lastly, with responsive design, the contents of the image may actually need to be different for different resolutions. For example, embedded text or iconography may not be legible at smaller sizes.

Now solve for GIF and PNG.

<picturefill /> is at least a format-agnostic approach that doesn't require extra implementation on the server side, addresses all the above concerns, and can be implemented on browsers that don't currently support it using a little bit of javascript.

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By contrast to get even the same small warhead to geostationary, with guidance and course course correction ability, will require a rocket very similar to that used to put geostats into orbit in the first place.

I think you just backed up my claim. Reread what I wrote. If you can get a satellite to a specific point, you can get a weapon there as well.

By payload I am referring to the use type, not the mass. Assuming equivalent mass, it doesn't matter if you're throwing up a few kilograms of circuitry or a a few kilograms of rock.

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by Dynedain (#47467569) Attached to: Selectively Reusing Bad Passwords Is Not a Bad Idea, Researchers Say

I love KeePass, but the community needs some help...

There's a myriad of client apps for it, but the 1.7 vs 2.X database formats fragments the market.

2.X requires Mono if you want to run it on Linux or OSX.

I wish they had a central dev team with first-class OSX, Windows, and Linux versions like VLC or Transmission.

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by Dynedain (#47452381) Attached to: Obama Administration Says the World's Servers Are Ours

Uh, no.

A warrant means that law enforcement has the legal standing to search and seize evidence in your control (forcibly if need be).

A subpoena means that you, the targeted party, are required by law to provide the evidence demanded.

Jurisdictional boundaries aren't the difference. A warrant can be issued internationally. The key difference is authorizing a government-operated search versus a legal demand that you provide evidence. The entities involved and their roles is the key distinction.

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Tax avoidance is by definition, figuring out what is legal, what is not, and adjusting accordingly.

Claiming your charitable donations on your tax return (which you're supposed to do) is tax avoidance. If the laws allow for undesirable tax avoidance behaviors, then they should be changed.

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