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Comment Re:Noscript (Score 1) 230

News links off of slashdot, forums, imageboards, wikis, none of these need javascript. I have it on for youtube, even if I don't understand why it's needed to load flash, mail, newegg, and gmane.org. Probably a couple more, but very few out of the total of sites I visit. Saves me a lot of memory, and there are a few sites where javascript actually hurts the experience to take into account.

Comment Re:How can he claim a right to privacy? (Score 1) 244

A fallacious argument DOES imply that the results are wrong. Suggesting otherwise is foolishness.

No, a fallacious argument doesn't go for or against what it concludes, it is merely there. If I claim that 1 + 1 = 2 because fish, the failed argument does not imply it isn't 2.

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