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Comment How many applications will THIS break? (Score 1) 257 257

Windows 3.x to Win95, most thing worked, but I lost some applications and/or games. 98 to XP, lost again. XP to 7, lost a LOT of applications *and* a perfectly good printer that HP didn't feel like writing drivers for, plus some old USB accessories ditto. Every time Microsoft changes, I lose things. It's a great racket for them, but what's in it for me?

Comment Re:Tubes ... MMMMmmmm... (Score 1) 434 434

As a computer science professional who remembers when "pipes" were introduced as terminology in Unix (and IBM mainframe people scoffed), and worked in telephony where logically "nailing up timeslots" hearkened to physically nailing up a copper wire, I accept your rebuke for a cheap shot. But he deserves it.

Comment Nobody noticed her return address all those years? (Score 2, Interesting) 434 434

She was Secretary of State for 4 years, and before that a Senator for 8 years, and in all that time NOBODY noticed that emails came from (and went to) a non-government address? And nobody said anything about it? Even assuming that most of the elected officials have less of a clue than the average citizen ("It's a series of tubes!"), they know about handling classified material, because they get lectured about it every year. And nobody seemed to think there was a problem all that time.

Comment Re:"Truthers" don't believe in *air* (Score 4, Informative) 321 321

Umm . . . they DID withstand plane collisions. Both of them. No toppling whatever. And when they collapsed from the heat of a Jet-A fueled fire (give the bad guys credit for picking the right strategic planes - fully fueled for long flights), they collapsed straight down rather than taking out multiple blocks in all directions. Sorry, I think your rating of "subpar" is incorrect.

Comment Re:Planet Earth Failure Modes (Score 1) 265 265

That's assuming that the transportation mechanisms work. Bridges come down; roads and rails get damaged. I recall photos after quakes of what used to be a road separated by a dozen feet both horizontally and vertically. That's even assuming that people are willing to ship food rather than hoarding it for their own region.

Comment Re:Lies (Score 3, Insightful) 265 265

Hyperbole? If the matching to history is true - that is, if the Indian oral history of a disaster, and the Japanese written history of an unexpected tsunami, indicate that *something* happened in January of 1700 - it's still a valid warning for the Pacific coastline. Even if the situation were only one-tenth as bad, just from back-of-the-envelope rough estimates, that still sounds pretty bad to me.

Comment Re:Looking to move off of iTunes (Score 1) 360 360

Sorry, my experience has been that the default settings are NOT track order. I was used to using Winamp, and an iRiver MP3 player that pre-dates the first iPod, and have consistently found over the years that the way Apple thinks is pretty much orthogonal to what I want. Yes, they think different, and then they insist that everyone think the same different way . . . just like when I was a teenager and everybody was busy rebelling against authority by wearing jeans. The same jeans.

Comment Re:HOME ownership is key (Score 1) 688 688

Exactly. We live near NYC, my son lives in Manhattan. If you park on the street, you have no idea where you're going to be, certainly not right near your building; and even if you were, there's no way to run an extension cord. Cities would seem to be the ideal place for electrics, with the most population density and the most benefit from eliminating exhaust, yet have the most practical problems. Taxis would be the next ideal target, except for the recharge time.

Electrical batteries are the problem. Hydrogen fuel cells driving electric motors, maybe, because recharging/refueling is more practical.

Comment Sounds like an unexpected timing race condition (Score 1) 80 80

Sounds like: All software worked as designed, and two real-time events occurred (at exactly the same time / within the same timestamp resolution) || (in the reverse order to anticipated, possibly due to delayed reporting/recognition) || (at the same time as a higher-priority interrupt). Not technically a software fault; a *design* fault perhaps, but not a fault in the software as designed and implemented.

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