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Comment: Re:This is how organized religion dies (Score 1) 536

by DutchUncle (#49761511) Attached to: Ireland Votes Yes To Same-Sex Marriage

polyandry and polygyny ... far too complicated

Why should it be more complicated than any other multiple partnership? Like, say, a law firm, or a medical practice? In some cases, the partners avoid the issue by setting up a company - nominally a new entity separate from all of them - and split the ownership. In others there is a set of agreements between all of the people. Of course, "marriage" is the one partnership arrangement that is given special treatment ALL ACROSS the legal spectrum, which is one of the reasons that "civil union" wasn't good enough for the gay marriage issue - equal treatment has to be the equal name or it might appear that all of those other connections don't apply. It still seems to me that the corollary is stronger than the differences.

Comment: Re:Love it (Score 1) 150

by DutchUncle (#49755527) Attached to: The Body Cam Hacker Who Schooled the Police
Post #49752693 was concerned about " turning every single policeman into a walking surveillance device.". Response (#49752979) was reassuring that the imagery would be blurred so it wouldn't matter. I was countering that response's pollyana-ism and (indirectly) agreeing with the earlier post. It's the person I was responding to who doesn't get the privacy concerns.

Comment: Re:Its funny (Score 1) 214

Just like fundamentalists of every religion.

Just from a statistical standpoint, in the recent three or four decades (especially since the quieting of the Irish troubles), there seem to be a lot more incidents of Muslim fundamentalists killing people, and organizing into large groups to kill people, than there are incidents of Christian (any denomination) or any other religion's fundamentalists. So, on average, I'd worry more about meeting someone from that particular group. (Notable exception; the Hutu/Tutsi conflict wasn't world-religion based. It was just about killing people.)

Comment: Re:Why not just... (Score 2, Informative) 379

by DutchUncle (#49737027) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Solve a Unique Networking Issue?
In the problem specification, it says that the devices have the same IP. Maybe the installation program relies on this. Since it's an embedded system, changing it may not be possible. OP has to deal with the situation as it is, and "change the situation" is not a simple option.

Comment: Re:Arrogance about a job you don't understand (Score 1) 386

I agree with your central point; I have worked with a market research person who really figured out what the customers wanted and what the market would want in a year or two, which meant that we engineers made the right product that people bought. OTOH most "marketing" people I've met are just salespeople.

Comment: Re:What about car pools (Score 1) 318

by DutchUncle (#49727347) Attached to: Battle To Regulate Ridesharing Moves Through States
He would be going back and forth to work anyway. The only question I would have: is 10 bucks is a reasonable split of costs, or is the driver making a profit? (Including, is the driver sharing in the total cost?) If it's profiteering, then it's on or over the line. If it's sharing the cost, then it's sharing the ride. Uber and Lyft are directing drivers where they wouldn't have been going otherwise, charging fees clearly priced to make a profit. They're taxi dispatching services.

Comment: Re:Schizo (Score 1) 318

by DutchUncle (#49727269) Attached to: Battle To Regulate Ridesharing Moves Through States
The difference is that these arrangements are truly between individuals, who were going that way anyway. We have a car-pool board here at work, and I remember a "ride home" carpool bulletin board at college. That's sharing. Uber and Lyft claim that they're just a dating service, and if the "date" turns out to be a hooker it's not their fault - but they also handle the transactions, so it is.

Comment: Re:Stop calling it that! (Score 2) 318

by DutchUncle (#49727181) Attached to: Battle To Regulate Ridesharing Moves Through States
++this. These are deliberate end-runs around existing taxi regulations. Claiming that it's "voluntary" and "crowd-sourced" is just a variation on companies calling people "contractors" (instead of "employees") to avoid giving them benefits. "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." - Joseph Goebbels

+ - "Evolution is a million line computer program falling into place by accident."

Submitted by DutchUncle
DutchUncle writes: The title appeared as the Slashdot .sig on the bottom of the page. I think it's missing something important: What was the million-line computer program intended to do? Because whatever it was, I'll bet evolution — and life — isn't doing that. Another viewpoint: without any plan or organization, something IS happening, and something is more than nothing. Any other interpretations?

The solution of this problem is trivial and is left as an exercise for the reader.