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Comment "Atomic Batteries to power" scores double... (Score 1) 701

I voted for this, as it's the first one that I thought of before seeing the lists, and it's actually a geek double: not only was it coined for the Adam West "Batman" series, but it also pops up as part of the cockpit pre-launch sequence for the fighters in "Wing Cmmander III".

I remember having a grin a mile wide the first time I saw that in the game...

Comment Iron Man's HUD GUI & Snake Plissken's glider (Score 1) 74

It's been a while since I watched it, but I recall that one of the DVD extras for the first "Iron Man" movie is on the GUI design of the HUDs for the suits. The designers apparently thought quite a bit about the specific HCI issues that might arise for such a usage situation (essentially like a fighter plane, but with more stuff), and so there are nested menus that radiate out from the lower left when the user's attention focuses on that part of the display, without obscuring the full field of view, etc.

The different GUI colour schemes used between the various suits was also considered, although narrative clarity and style were (sensibly) prioritized above functionality in this respect, I think.


Potentially wandering off topic (but sticking with fictional movie aircraft instrumentation):

One of my favourite special effects stories is that back when "Escape from New York" was being made, it was too difficult/expensive to do the computerized 3D wire-frame rendering of Manhattan digitally that was to be displayed on Snake Plissken's glider, so they just made black miniature models of the buildings with gridlines painted on them, and then "flew" a camera over them to get the footage that ended up being displayed on the screen. Back in those days, practical effects based on painted wood were still cheaper than CGI!

See (e.g.)

Comment My dog chased dinosaurs... (Score 1) 199

Yup, I've seen this as well.

We had a King Charles spaniel that used to jump up at the screen and bark whenever there was horse racing (flat racing) on the TV.

Even funnier, though, was that he was a *big* fan of "Walking With Dinosaurs" - he used to get very aggressive, bark, & try to face down the dinosaurs on the TV. I always thought that it was a real testament to the computer animation on that show that it could trick him into thinking they were realistically moving animals.

Comment Re:Lets Speculate (Score 3, Informative) 82

A touch control with buttons can work quite well.

I have a Garmin sports watch that has the usual complement of buttons, but also makes use of the round bezel (not the screen, mind) in a similar way to a 5th-generation iPod: sliding the finger one way scrolls down the menus, sliding it the other scrolls up. Touching it in two places simultaneously toggles the backlight. It locks/unlocks by pressing two of the buttons together, so accidental selections are avoided. It works rather well, actually.

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