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Comment F*@king moderation (Score 1) 699

To our new overlords: Can someone please fix this lame javascript based moderation system and put in a submit button? I can't count the number of times I've picked overrated instead of funny because my finger came close enough to my touchpad to move the mouse. This whole replying to undo moderation thing is lame. At the very least there should be an undo mod button.

To AmiMoJo: Sorry for the wrong mod.

Comment Re:Brought it on themselves (Score 1) 67

The last time I checked, a Mac mini started at 499 USD plus tax. Where do you get this "thousand dollars", unless you live in a country whose dollar happens to have such an exchange rate with the USD?

To be quite honest, I didn't even know that Apple even offered the mini anymore. I don't really shop Apple very often.

I think that's a bit of a strawman, though. You could just as easily suggest that someone buy a used or refurb unit. The point still remains that it's unreasonable to expect people to invest in an entirely new computer, learn to use it, and learn how to use XCode just to run an app on their iDevice.

Comment Re:Nobody is buying email software anymore (Score 1) 244

Not only is Outlook a manifestly superior email client, the quite useful group calendar functions are infinitely better since... T-bird doesn't have group calendar functions.

What exactly do you call Lightning? Looks a lot like a calendar to me.

Lightning even supports a few network calendar formats natively. Need to sync with CalDAV? There's a plugin for that.

Oh, I see...they're not automatically included. That's a positive since not everyone needs those extra features. Some people just want email. That's what makes it nice. That's why people used to flock to Firefox before it became a giant, bloated piece of garbage.

There are a lot of things that can be said that are negative about Thunderbird (it's slow, freezes often, prone to mailbox corruption) but lacking a group calendar is not one of those negatives. It works just fine for keeping my entire family connected and aware of what's going on in the coming weeks.

Comment Re:Brought it on themselves (Score 2, Insightful) 67

You could distribute your app as source code under a free software license and allow iOS device users who also own a Mac to install the fix right away.

Please tell me you're kidding. These are iOS users we're talking about. They have purposely chosen the "easy to use" OS (even with all its limitations). Like hell you're going to get them to figure out how to compile an app

Not only that, in order to run XCode you need to have a Mac. You just went from a $200-$600 investment in the iPhone/iPad and added a thousand dollars to it. There are no shortage of iOS users with Windows machines who like their iDevice but aren't ready to make that leap to a Mac.

Comment Glad to see Europe has its priorities straight (Score 1) 208

Has anyone looked at the actual website? The fist six people are either looking at around 24 years or around 35 years.

The people looking at sentences in the mid-twenty year range are all wanted for violent crimes (murder, attempted murder, terrorism) meanwhile the people looking at mid-thirty year sentences are wanted for drug trafficking and fraud. Seriously? You actually kill someone and you do less time than facilitating their high?

I thought Europe was supposed to be a more progressive place since everyone is always making fun of the screwed up priorities here in the USA. I guess we've been working extra hard to export our stupidity along with the rest of our culture.

Comment Horrible Summary: Some clarifications (Score 5, Informative) 256

The application process required opening a PDF in Adobe Acrobat READER. It used some proprietary extension and if opened in any other application just had a note that said to use Acrobat Reader.

When opened in Acrobat Reader it had a form with a button at the bottom to submit the information. He tried to process it using the most recent version of acrobat for each of the following operating systems:

  • On Linux, the button did nothing.
  • On Windows XP in a virtual machine, the button half worked (asked for login info)
  • On native boot Windows 7, it worked all the way

The takeaway is this: a government process used a supposedly open format but ruined it by using a proprietary extension that only worked on a recent version of proprietary software running on a recent version of a proprietary operating system.

Comment Re:Informative Article (Score 1) 329

Would any other manufacturer do that? Would the retail store that sold you any brand of laptop?

If it's an Acer? Probably not, but that's probably because they don't have a ton of retail stores all over the place. More than likely, I would have gotten it from some place like Newegg and would have to go through warranty-by-mail service.
If it's an Apple? Absolutely. Apple is different. You're paying a significant premium on their product partly because they're selling you the boutique experience. They have these stores all over the place with their "Genius Bars" that offer to diagnose/fix their products. It only makes sense from their point of view: move your data into a refurb model, send the broken one off to a central place to be fixed, and send you on your way. What do they do with a broken iPhone that you costs $1000? They transfer your stuff to a new one and send you on your way. Why should a laptop be any different?
I should say that may expectations may differ from reality. What does Apple actually do with a broken laptop?

Comment Re:Informative Article (Score 2) 329

You bought an Apple that broke. Welcome to the club, but surely you wouldn't expect your local Acer (or whatever) shop, assuming there is one, to replace a shell, mainboard, keyboard and optical drive with a two hour turnaround.

No. If that much was wrong with it, I would expect them to put my HDD in a new unit and send that original one back to the manufacturer.

Comment Re:Seems like time to consider the alternatives (Score 4, Informative) 146

keepass is cross platform, using the same file on Linux/Win/Android/MacOS. You can store the encrypted database in a cloud-based service like dropbox and have a highly portable system for password storage on-line & off-line.

That's what I do. For added security, I have a key file that I never put online and only stored locally on my laptop/phone. That way, even if someone gets my database AND somehow intercepts my password they're still out in the cold.

KeeCloud is a good place to start. Then just pick a browser integration plugin and you're off. For android, Keepass2Android is a good choice, too. It has an integrated keyboard that will directly type the username and password into the browser (or app) so you can avoid all those clipboard stealing exploits.

Comment Re: DEA declares running illegal (Score 1) 112

Thanks. I'll have a read through the papers this weekend. I'm a bit bummed that some of it's from the 70's and 80's. Doesn't mean that it's invalid, just means that there might be new information because our understanding of genetics and brain pathways has come a LONG way since then. Anyway, it's a starting point and I appreciate it.

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